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Politics or the Constitution?

Americans living in the District of Columbia are taxed by the federal government, but not really represented. To address this, a bill now in Congress would grant DC’s single delegate the right to cast a vote. The Senate has approved the bill, but attached a provision on gun regulation to

Hold Your Applause

Here’s a quiz. “[A] populist pep rally that’s constantly interrupted by applause.” This statement refers to A. The shameful quadrennial nominating conventions of the Democratic and Republican Parties. B. The constitutionally mandated State of the Union Address. C. The Oscars. It could be any of the three. There’s too much

Meet the Moots

The meaning of institutions, like words, changes over time. Take Congress. The Constitution hands legislative power to the two houses of Congress. With the growth of government Congress has delegated more and more of its powers to the executive branch. In a recent column, George F. Will identified the most

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