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Video: Broaching Mrs. Trudeau’s Brooch

The Rebel Media takes on Canada’s latest entry into the “Cool Ruler” sweepstakes, with an acquisitive dynamic duo that somehow has received the imprimatur of the “progressive.”


Video: George Will on Money in Politics

George F. Will has been a major defender of free speech against the campaigns for “campaign finance reform” for a long time. Here he makes his case concisely, with animation from PragerU:

Charles Koch

Video: Charles Koch, Man vs. Myth

There is no one hated more by today’s “progressive” left than Charles Koch and his younger brother David, the captains of industry and philanthropists. Why? Because they are EVIL? Or just because of their sometimes surprisingly effective political patronage? So, this interview of Charles Koch, by Megyn Kelly of Fox

Video: #StandByAhmed

A trifecta:   No Hugs at School American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten on Zero Tolerance The War on Kids (Full Documentary)

Lawrence Lessig

Video: Lessig Misses the McCarthy Point

Fascinating look at Lawrence Lessig’s recent arguments about campaign finance, courtesy of Cato Institute:   It is worth noting that Lessig is running for the presidency on the Democratic Party ticket. On September 6, 2015, he announced his candidacy. Interestingly, he has stated that if elected president, he would resign

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