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Liberty Talk Radio (with Paul Jacob)

Liberty Under Trump

Here is a fairly long interview with This Is Common Sense’s Paul Jacob, from a recent radio show: The first 33 minutes give a pretty coherent picture of the politics of common sense today. If you stop there, no one would think ill of you.

Dan Hannan, Krist Novoselic, and an image provided by Gad Saad

Video: 2016 — best year ever?

Lots of people are saying that 2016 was “the worst.” Dan Hannan disagrees: Krist Novoselic, my colleague at, here gives a little talk about how we can change our democratic processes for the better. “We’re getting there,” he says, about the organization’s substantial election reform — a non-partisan variety

Cassie Jaye

Video: Red Pill Diaries

Comedian and conservative contrarian Gavin McInnes rants about the way mainline Third-Wave feminists have reacted to the documentary The Red Pill. Caution: “explicit language.” Wondering about the movie itself? Here is a trailer for it: And here is Dave Rubin interviewing documentarian Cassie Jaye:

Daniel Bonevac

Video: The Deceptive Camera

Fake photography has mass repercussions on everyday life and experience: It is worth noting that this site,, uses obviously manipulated photos. They are often collages, sometimes sketches or Photoshop cartoons. We have tried to be pretty forthright about this practice.

Paul Jacob on Swiss Public TV

Why Direct Democracy?

Last week, Paul attended an international conference on direct democracy. Listen and compare rationales: If you speak Spanish, or are a monolingual English-speaking absurdist, you might enjoy this translated version.

Paul Jacob on Swiss Public TV

The Media Helped Elect Trump

From an interview on Swiss public television, Paul Jacob explains the Trump victory for concerned Europeans: An article featuring Paul can be found here: “Election upset to boost direct democracy in US.” Paul is scheduled to return to his home soil next week.

Gary Johnson and the Libertarians

The Hillary Loss, Are Libertarians to Blame/Thank?

O, the Trump win was a thing to behold! Maybe you are like us here at Common Sense, and did not vote for the man. But you did not vote for Hillary Clinton, either. So, are you to blame? Er, thank? There were plenty of Jill Stein voters. And many more

Kang and Kodos debate

3 Presidential Recommendations to Blow Your Mind…

Afraid you’re going to blow it this election day? Here is a trifecta of voting recommendations to blow your mind instead . . . 1. William Weld, the Libertarian Party’s VP candidate, says that, whatever you do, DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP! Rachel Maddow speaks of a “gossamer ceiling,” colorfully indicating the too-fine-a-point put by the


Video: Colorado’s 71

Jon Caldara interviews an expert on Measure 71 and the whole initiative and referendum issue, statewide, nationwide:

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