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Sargon and Dankula Explain the EU

Carl ”Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin and Mark “Count Dankula” Meechan clean up as they get involved in UKIP and in the European Parliament:   Each has quite a backstory, which you should look up if you haven’t encountered before. Also, Carl Benjamin just put this up onto YouTube:

How We “Debate” Now

Something went down on The View. Here is one view of what happened (caution: it may be a tad hard to watch — if so, see below): And now for a different view of The View debacle:

Bernie Sanders Is Not a Socialist (He’s an Idiot)

Unfortunately, socialists do exist: But for a different perspective, you might also be interested in some related past work of ours on this site: Bernie’s Slippery Definition of Democratic Socialism Nine Dangers of “Democratic Socialism” Democratic Socialism… Why do socialist utopias always get hijacked. . . The Good Kind of

Happy 35th Birthday Edward Snowden!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Snowden!

This week, Edward Snowden turned 35 — making him old enough to run for the U.S. presidency next election cycle! (Call that a “Fun Fact.”) But he is stuck in Russia, an exile from the country whose Constitution — and the people whose freedoms — he did more to save

Mr. Snowden: Five Years a Fugitive

Free the People: Five Years After Citizenfour — Movie Trailer CNN: Greenwald Defends Snowden CNN: Ron Paul on Snowden CNN: Trump on Snowden NBC: Clinton on Snowden WSJ: Snowden on Trump & Clinton Al Jezeera: More Snowden on Trump & Clinton Bernie Sanders on Snowden Learn Liberty: Snowden: Democracy Under

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