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Explaining Trump: Checkers, Chess, and Norman Vincent Peale

Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, has a regular Periscope broadcast worth watching. Here are two recent episodes on YouTube (odd formatting; the Periscope versions take up a more of the screen). The subject is President Trump, and Adams is most interested in interpreting Donald Trump as a master persuader:

Two Stories of Changed Minds

Dave Rubin interviewed John Stossel and “Red Pill Black,” this week. What is interesting is to compare their similar changes of heart and mind regarding politics and towards more limited government perspectives. Unless you are following new media, you may never have heard of Candace Owens (“Red Pill Black”), but

A Speech in Berkeley

A much-awaited, much-dreaded speech: The culture of violence around it: The speechmaker’s wrap-up:

Attention, Sports Fans!

You may remember Andrew Heaton playing a character on Fox Business’s The Independents of a few years ago. Or for his EconPop podcasts. Or for stuff like this:

This is Fake News?

The latest Reason TV parody: It seems eerily familiar, though: Maybe because the “Fake News” problem isn’t over at CNN, or elsewhere. Oh, and here’s another one from just a few weeks ago. It doesn’t haven’t much to do with CNN, though: Notice the pattern? I mean, other than that

Racialized Collectivists on the March

After viewing Vice’s excellent, revelatory coverage of the so-called “Unite the Right” rally, it might help putting the current culture war and its Charlottesville battlefield in perspective courtesy of Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin:

James Damore Speaks About Google

The big news this week has been the “Google Memo” scandal, which ended up with the firing of its author, James Damore. He gave several interviews after getting the sack, most prominent being with Dr. Jordan Peterson: Bloomberg covered the story: Damore also talked to Ben Shapiro: But Damore’s first

Big Enough, Small Enough

“Your social systems have to be large enough so they protect you but small enough that you have a place in them.” Professor Peterson on globalism:

The Evergreen Anarchy

The eruption of mob violence and ideological bullying and hooliganism on the Evergreen College campus near Washington State’s capitol is now under review. The man who unknowingly “started” it all by resisting a weirdly racist and segregationist demand from the “equity movement” students and faculty here summarizes the highlights: Here

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