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Arrested in Home for Tweet

In Britain, the police are now arresting people for saying controversial things on Twitter. The controversy, in this case, is the subject of “misgendering” — a mother was taken into custody for calling a “trans woman” . . . “a man.”

An Ideological Moment

We live in interesting times, as aliiances reshuffle their political commitments and ideas. Here is one.

A Deplatforming Mystery

Why the major social media platforms ban some people and not others remains something of a mystery. Why they will not explain themselves is probably not a mystery, though: if they explained themselves their inconsistencies would be even plainer yet. Or their disregard for their own ways of doing business,

Racism Everywhere — Bias Confirmed?

Thomas Sowell’s many books on race and discrimination haven’t made a dent in whole sectors of the body politic; Larry Elder may have convinced Dave Rubin that the standard model of “systemic racism” no longer applies, but he has not convinced everybody; and, generally, there is much work to be

Suppressed Data Trends

One thing you notice when engaging in public policy discussions is the misuse of statistics in a particular way: truncating a timeline of data, to focus almost exclusively on short-term trends rather than a more meaningful long-term (“secular”) accounting of trends. For example, you will often see proponents of state

Face the Pull-Out

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) gets grilled by the Face the Nation grillmistress. Her continued pushing of one point is interesting to behold. Jake Tapper’s grilling of the senator, on CNN, is even more egregious, perhaps. You decide.

It’s (not) a Gas: the “Yellow Jacket” Riots

While in America we are not immune to government-induced too-high prices for fuel, in France it is worse. The rioting there got a rise out of the now much-despised President Macron, this week. But is all the tumult over just gasoline prices? It has become much more. And dangerous. But

Untrustworthy Allies?

The mystery of the Mid-East deepens when you realize how duplicitous are U.S. allies. Here is a scholar at Cato making a good case for how unreliable Qatar and the Sauds are.

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