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The “I Don’t Know” Law

Florida’s Legislature has passed a law that would prohibit citizens’ initiative petitioners from receiving payment on a per-signature basis. They say it is to prevent fraud against the State. But is that really what they are doing? Paul Jacob says No.

“You won’t escape judgment”

Lindsay Shepherd, famous for being ganged up on by bullies (university administrators), defends her decision to devote herself to taking care of a baby while working jobs and not a career.

Major Disaster Ahead?

Repeatedly on this site, you have read warnings: civil unrest is not something we should yearn for, whether on political or racial or religious grounds. It could get ugly. Deadly. Yet rumors of civil war are spreading. Independent journalist Tim Pool covers the growing possibility of violence. And the growing

Trump Dumps Media Grumps

President Donald Trump skipped the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. This is hardly an affront to the First Amendment or openness in government, but that is the way some spin it. Fox’s Greg Gutfeld isn’t having any of it. To him, the jokes-for-charity event has gone from a light-hearted, friendly roast,

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Save the Young

A week ago or so, Paul Jacob participated in an online seminar regarding the draft: Freedom Hub Working Group – Paul Jacob – Liberty Initiative from MyAHE on Vimeo.

The Julian Assange Arrest

While the big story early in the week was the Ted Lieu hit job on Candace Owens, later in the week another issue came up:

Coming Full Circle on Segregation?

Progressives have gone so far in the “safe space” direction that they are re-introducing segregation into the cultural center. “Separate but equal” is becoming more and more acceptable. “Normed,” as they say. But not everyone is on board:

“Everyone can be replaced”

The Young Turks take note of an ominous sign from the party the progressives think is theirs. A leftist take on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s smoke-filled room machinations. Ana Kasparian spoke the line quoted in the title, above; John Iadarola spoke, sarcastically, the words used here as caption to

CNN Sued for $275 million

The Covington Catholic students’ Lincoln Memorial brouhaha has reached the next level of extremity: There has been much analysis of the suit. Timcast’s is worth checking out. Another worthwhile interview about the subject was conducted by Dave Rubin.

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Congress Considers the Draft

Yes, “mandatory national service” is a live topic — again! Mandatory National Service? on Vimeo. But the situation is not hopeless. This is not a “done deal.” Indeed, there is something you can do to prevent universal, intersex/all-gender mandatory conscription. Click here to find out more. Why not click right

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