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Randy Barnett

Video: Randy Barnett on Free Speech

Dave Rubin interviews Prof. Randy Barnett: Or, if you have more time, consult the full interview: You might consider the audio podcast of The Rubin Report on iTunes and other podcast venues.

Ed Snowden

Video: Pardon the Man Already (A Snowden Festival)

ReasonTV interviews Trevor Timm regarding Edward Snowden: Now, in theaters (the weekend premiere was yesterday; today’s the second day): News conference for the new effort to gain a pardon from Obama: Ed Snowden begins to speak at 16:37 of the above video. Here is just the Snowden portion: Previous to

Debate on discrimination

Video: Discrimination, Jim Crow and the Goodness in Government

This is a very interesting encounter: One could write several books just to cover what is raised in these few minutes. In fact, there are many such books! We here at think Mr. Shapiro does a great job. What do you think? Note: a key concept not mentioned is

Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin)

Video: Equality, Opportunity, and All That

“Sargon of Akkad,” a videoblogger on YouTube who is most famous for his weekly series “This Week in Stupid,” makes an eloquent and commonsense case for the traditional meaning of “equality of opportunity,” against a egalitarian who thinks the idea is unworkable (and who prefers straight equality of outcomes):

Free trade illus. From video

Video: Why Free Trade

Free trade — Bernie hates it; Hillary has supported special agreements that increase its scope while still putting the government in a quasi-management position (and, pulled by Bernie’s supporters, has has some “second thoughts”); and the Donald has likened it unto “rape.” But the case for the free market is

Paul Jacob and Gary Johnson at Freedom Fest 2016

Video: Freedom Fest 2016

Guess where Paul Jacob is? At FreedomFest in Nevada! Here is a video snippet of Gov. Gary Johnson’s speech. You may also have seen the terrific keynote by Sen. Rand Paul, since it streamed live on Fscebook yesterday. But this gives you a good idea of the quality of the

Virtual nukes

Video: The Age of the Virtual Nuke

This week the police in Dallas, Texas, used a robot to kill a sniper. It is said to be a first, a historical moment of great significance. But wait: a bigger, more dangerous and more destabilizing form of warfare began a few years ago. This video explains it:

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