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Bum-rushing a Constitutional Amendment

Paul Jacob, in this episode of This Week in Common Sense, recaps the big stories of the week, focusing especially on the bizarre resurgence of the Equal Rights Amendment and on Massachusetts’ heinous push to steal the property of vapers.

Our Options

Paul touches on the biggest stories of the week in this second part of This Week in Common Sense for the second full week of November, 2019. In this case, he concentrates on social media and advertising in their relationship to politics of incumbency and challenge — and the First

Feeling Good After an Election

The first half of This Week in Common Sense for the first full week of November, 2019: Paul began his Common Sense with Paul Jacob commentary in 1999, and for a decade he produced these weekly commentary spots for the radio. Now, a decade later, he begins to podcast. Catch

The War Lottery

Paul Jacob reviews the biggest story of the week — no, not impeachment — THE DRAFT!

Hillary Clinton, Tulsi Gabbard, Russia, conspiracy,

The Redistricting Solution

Paul’s discussion of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Russian Asset’ charge against Tulsi Gabbard expanded to include one of the most important fixes for our broken democracy:

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