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Look Who’s Racist Now!

Senator Claire McCaskill? President Donald Trump? “The Squad”? In this weekend’s “This Week in Common Sense,” Paul covers the most vexatious story of this past week:

The “I Don’t Know” Law

Florida’s Legislature has passed a law that would prohibit citizens’ initiative petitioners from receiving payment on a per-signature basis. They say it is to prevent fraud against the State. But is that really what they are doing? Paul Jacob says No.

Paul Jacob, the draft, selective service, registration

Save the Young

A week ago or so, Paul Jacob participated in an online seminar regarding the draft: Freedom Hub Working Group – Paul Jacob – Liberty Initiative from MyAHE on Vimeo.

Resist the Draft, Paul Jacob, National Service

Congress Considers the Draft

Yes, “mandatory national service” is a live topic — again! Mandatory National Service? on Vimeo. But the situation is not hopeless. This is not a “done deal.” Indeed, there is something you can do to prevent universal, intersex/all-gender mandatory conscription. Click here to find out more. Why not click right

The Coming Draft?

With talk of forcing young people to provide a year of “national service” to the government, why was Paul Jacob offering this exalted congressionally-established Commission advice about their website address?You must watch to discover.Sure, Congress may not be quite on the verge of legislating a mandatory year of national service

Direct Democracy, Italian- and American-style

Last week your Common Sense correspondent was in Italy sharing perspectives on a freer future at the 2018 Global Forum on Direct Democracy:  And here he is giving a short talk on the struggles of the citizens of Nashville:  The two videos from the second day of the

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