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The Press v. The People

Paul Jacob’s recap of the week begins with a tale of press bias, insider powerlust, taxation, and . . . Tim Eyman.

Democracy and China

The Hong Kong situation rings around the world, with the keywords being “freedom” and “democracy.”

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What Americans Agree Upon

Paul Jacob talks about the huge areas of agreement among Americans, even in this Age of Trump and Ideological Disunity:

Limits of Politics

This Week in Common Sense focuses on the previous weekend’s massacres, and what must be done to prevent future atrocities.

Democrats & the Dream

This Week in Common Sense, focusing on the notion of a “Universal Basic Income”: Note: the sound isn’t as good as usual. Next week we will be up to snuff.

Minimum Wage, Maximum Politics

This Week in Common Sense for the final full week of July 2019. Paul focuses his review of the week on the Sanders/Tlaib minimum wage stories:

Something You Can Do

Paul tells tales from the early days of the movement — featuring stories about Speaker Tom Foley, Representative Dick Armey, and Senator William Proxmire — and also explaining precisely why people love term limits so much. Inspiring: Attention to advertising, Representative Dick Armey and Senator William Proxmire. Oh, and Sam

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