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Women of WikiLeaks

Video: DNC Dirty Tricks

Inciting Hate Violence Rigging Election Mass Voter Fraud by DNC & Clinton Campaign: James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Action… Fox News: “You’re Like a Thief” — Donna Brazile Snaps at Megyn Kelly When Asked About WikiLeaks… And, for a little reading: the WikiLeaks email exposure.

Oslo Freedom Forum: Rwanda

Video: A Tyranny in Africa

“We don’t know where the State ends and where we begin.” If you think you know the story of Rwanda, the terrible genocide followed by healing and reconciliation, you’ll want to listen to what Anjan Sundaram told me last week at the San Francisco Freedom Forum. This video is from

Richard Winger

Video: Richard Winger on Ballot Access Tyranny

No one knows more about how the major parties prevent competition than Richard Winger, the editor of Ballot Access News. Early on, in this interview, he relays an interesting fact: America did not have government-printed ballots until 1889.

Randy Barnett

Video: Randy Barnett on Free Speech

Dave Rubin interviews Prof. Randy Barnett: Or, if you have more time, consult the full interview: You might consider the audio podcast of The Rubin Report on iTunes and other podcast venues.

Ed Snowden

Video: Pardon the Man Already (A Snowden Festival)

ReasonTV interviews Trevor Timm regarding Edward Snowden: Now, in theaters (the weekend premiere was yesterday; today’s the second day): News conference for the new effort to gain a pardon from Obama: Ed Snowden begins to speak at 16:37 of the above video. Here is just the Snowden portion: Previous to

Debate on discrimination

Video: Discrimination, Jim Crow and the Goodness in Government

This is a very interesting encounter: One could write several books just to cover what is raised in these few minutes. In fact, there are many such books! We here at think Mr. Shapiro does a great job. What do you think? Note: a key concept not mentioned is

Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin)

Video: Equality, Opportunity, and All That

“Sargon of Akkad,” a videoblogger on YouTube who is most famous for his weekly series “This Week in Stupid,” makes an eloquent and commonsense case for the traditional meaning of “equality of opportunity,” against a egalitarian who thinks the idea is unworkable (and who prefers straight equality of outcomes):

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