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Free trade illus. From video

Video: Why Free Trade

Free trade — Bernie hates it; Hillary has supported special agreements that increase its scope while still putting the government in a quasi-management position (and, pulled by Bernie’s supporters, has has some “second thoughts”); and the Donald has likened it unto “rape.” But the case for the free market is

Paul Jacob and Gary Johnson at Freedom Fest 2016

Video: Freedom Fest 2016

Guess where Paul Jacob is? At FreedomFest in Nevada! Here is a video snippet of Gov. Gary Johnson’s speech. You may also have seen the terrific keynote by Sen. Rand Paul, since it streamed live on Fscebook yesterday. But this gives you a good idea of the quality of the

Virtual nukes

Video: The Age of the Virtual Nuke

This week the police in Dallas, Texas, used a robot to kill a sniper. It is said to be a first, a historical moment of great significance. But wait: a bigger, more dangerous and more destabilizing form of warfare began a few years ago. This video explains it:

Video: Brexit Fallout

A bizarre conversation between journalist Christiane Amanpour, of CNN, and Brexit’s most articulate champion, MEP Daniel Hannan:

Gad Saad

Video: After-Brexit Perspective

Gad Saad, consumer behavior scientist and valiant defender of basic freedoms on YouTube, here makes a few reasonable points about disagreeing with others’ political positions.

Paul Jacob: They Must Suffer

Video: They Must Suffer

Paul Jacob discusses the incentives and disincentives for politicians to serve the public. With some focus, this episode, on the Democratic Party. CSV20160613-They Must Suffer from Paul Jacob on Vimeo.

Gary Johnson and William Weld

Video: Not Fringe

This week, Colbert interviewed his first “full ticket” Prez/Vice Prez candidate team: Hoping for an uptick in interest:


Video: Political Party Truth Time

In the last few weeks we have learned how wrong much of what we are told about who legally and effectively picks the presidential candidates in the major political parties. Who has an interest in not telling the truth, and undermining the integrity of America’s political parties?

Paul Jacob video on GOP delegate freedom

Video: The Delegates (Week in Review)

In what we plan as a new feature here at Common Sense, our video of the week is … Common Sense! That is, a video chat featuring Paul Jacob himself: Here Paul reviews the basic information about the week’s biggest story: the GOP delegates are not what they seem.

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