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Video: Repeat the Failures of Somalia?

Not all talks need visual aids or a declamatory style. Here a scholar calmly looks at Somalia and sees repeated failure and cluelessness … on the part of our government, especially. And now our foreign policy geniuses want to export from Somalia the very same policies that worked so poorly

Johan Norberg on Sweden

Video: Socialists Are Dead Wrong About Sweden

Johan Norberg gives the concise case against the old hat leftist love for “Swedish Socialism”: Look around YouTube and you will find more from Norberg about the reality behind the myths of Scandinavia.


Video: The Super Delegates

The truth about the Democratic Party’s selection method, according to Reason tv: Note: Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass has credited one Paul Jacob for being among the first to raise the issue of superdelegates — via a Townhall column (and Common Sense): More than a month ago, libertarian Paul Jacob,

Scalia on torture

Video: Of Hummus and Torture

What the U.S. government does (and what this has to do with hummus—you’ll have to watch the video, because we are not going to describe it): The report almost no one has read: The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture: Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation

Gillespie, Welch, and Will

Video: Today’s Authoritarian Moment

Nick Gillepsie, Matt Welch and George F. Will define the politics of our age, and what the shuffling of Republican and Democratic candidates for the presidency really means:

Video: Silencing Trump With Mob Noise

So this happened: I love a good protest. But a bad protest is where the protestors mob the event and shout down speech. That isn’t good protest. It is anti-free speech. It is bullying. Things look like they are getting ugly this election year. The result could be chaos. But

Ben Shapiro

Video: How Today’s Fascists Do It

Squelching the speech of those you disagree with, how it is done — a cultural artifact of the present age:   In this video, the valiant Ben Shapiro gives a scheduled talk, but is harassed by protestors and his talk sabotaged by those seeking to “no-platform” him.

Washington, DC, traffic, with streetcars

Video: Streetcar Named Undesired

The nation’s capital has a mass transit system plagued with problems of nearly every kind. And now comes the revival (very expensive) of the streetcar system. Reason TV provides a brief survey of the history of DC streetcars:

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