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Video: Executing Innocents

The horror of an evil crime prompts us to demand the death penalty. But the horror of executing — killing — innocent people should make us worry about that same death penalty, no?

Video: “Gifts Are Sometimes Not Accepted”

A ceremonial bust of Ed Snowden was erected in Brooklyn, New York, by dissident artists. The reason? To honor the whistleblower who revealed an expansive, expensive data accumulation system carried on by the NSA against the American people — one that seemed not allowed by law, and previously denied by the


Video: The Movie the FEC Censored

When Democratic politicians complain about the Citizens United decision, what they are complaining about is their loss of the power to censor political thought and media in America. This is the movie that the FEC prohibited from being shown in America during the 2007–2008 presidential campaign. Citizens United is a

What would happen..?

Video: The Last Days of the White Rose

If you have been following the “Today in Freedom” and new visual meme features here at Common Sense, you are aware of The White Rose, the group of German dissidents who in 1942 and 1943 produced pamphlets against the Nazi regime. There have been several good books and movies produced

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