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Goodman at Cato

Video: A Freer Market in Medicine?

John C. Goodman, of the Independent Institute, has been studying and writing about health care and government policy for a long time. Here he sketches a way out of the current impasse, which is not just an “ObamaCare” problem:


Video: A Traffic Stop Gone Horribly Wrong

While the young man who was stopped by the police officer in this video was obviously foolish in several ways, he wasn’t evil, or even acting “against the peace.” The officer, on the other hand, lied from the beginning, and eventually shot the young man. See what you think:

Video: A Short History of Government “Welfare”

Economic historian Robert Higgs, author of the important book Crisis and Leviathan, and formulator of the important concept “regime uncertainty,” offers a sweeping (if brief) overview of government handouts as the background for our American experience.  

Edward Snowden

Video: Terminal F

This is a very interesting documentary about Edward Snowden’s own secrecy as he leaked information about illegal government spying on its own citizens, and then about his attempts to evade capture and find sanctuary outside the United States. Fascinating. Note: the documentary is not a debate about what he did,

Federal Debt

Video: The Three Levels of Federal Debt … and the Coming Crisis

Michael Tanner of Cato Institute has a new book out, and it looks like it takes on the federal budget, deficits, and debt in an honest and realistic manner. This is what Americans need to understand. But will politicians ever tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the


Video: Comparative Imperfections

“We’re so much more rational in sports,” says Thomas Sowell, than in economic policy. Here Sowell clarifies a major policy issue that flows from the “market failure” analysis that grew out of “perfect competition” models in modern economics. But without the math.  

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