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Daniel Bonevac

Video: The Deceptive Camera

Fake photography has mass repercussions on everyday life and experience: It is worth noting that this site,, uses obviously manipulated photos. They are often collages, sometimes sketches or Photoshop cartoons. We have tried to be pretty forthright about this practice.

Paul Jacob on Swiss Public TV

Why Direct Democracy?

Last week, Paul attended an international conference on direct democracy. Listen and compare rationales: If you speak Spanish, or are a monolingual English-speaking absurdist, you might enjoy this translated version.

Paul Jacob on Swiss Public TV

The Media Helped Elect Trump

From an interview on Swiss public television, Paul Jacob explains the Trump victory for concerned Europeans: An article featuring Paul can be found here: “Election upset to boost direct democracy in US.” Paul is scheduled to return to his home soil next week.

Gary Johnson and the Libertarians

The Hillary Loss, Are Libertarians to Blame/Thank?

O, the Trump win was a thing to behold! Maybe you are like us here at Common Sense, and did not vote for the man. But you did not vote for Hillary Clinton, either. So, are you to blame? Er, thank? There were plenty of Jill Stein voters. And many more

Kang and Kodos debate

3 Presidential Recommendations to Blow Your Mind…

Afraid you’re going to blow it this election day? Here is a trifecta of voting recommendations to blow your mind instead . . . 1. William Weld, the Libertarian Party’s VP candidate, says that, whatever you do, DON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP! Rachel Maddow speaks of a “gossamer ceiling,” colorfully indicating the too-fine-a-point put by the


Video: Colorado’s 71

Jon Caldara interviews an expert on Measure 71 and the whole initiative and referendum issue, statewide, nationwide:

Women of WikiLeaks

Video: DNC Dirty Tricks

Inciting Hate Violence Rigging Election Mass Voter Fraud by DNC & Clinton Campaign: James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Action… Fox News: “You’re Like a Thief” — Donna Brazile Snaps at Megyn Kelly When Asked About WikiLeaks… And, for a little reading: the WikiLeaks email exposure.

Oslo Freedom Forum: Rwanda

Video: A Tyranny in Africa

“We don’t know where the State ends and where we begin.” If you think you know the story of Rwanda, the terrible genocide followed by healing and reconciliation, you’ll want to listen to what Anjan Sundaram told me last week at the San Francisco Freedom Forum. This video is from

Richard Winger

Video: Richard Winger on Ballot Access Tyranny

No one knows more about how the major parties prevent competition than Richard Winger, the editor of Ballot Access News. Early on, in this interview, he relays an interesting fact: America did not have government-printed ballots until 1889.

Randy Barnett

Video: Randy Barnett on Free Speech

Dave Rubin interviews Prof. Randy Barnett: Or, if you have more time, consult the full interview: You might consider the audio podcast of The Rubin Report on iTunes and other podcast venues.

Ed Snowden

Video: Pardon the Man Already (A Snowden Festival)

ReasonTV interviews Trevor Timm regarding Edward Snowden: Now, in theaters (the weekend premiere was yesterday; today’s the second day): News conference for the new effort to gain a pardon from Obama: Ed Snowden begins to speak at 16:37 of the above video. Here is just the Snowden portion: Previous to

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