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The Evergreen Anarchy

The eruption of mob violence and ideological bullying and hooliganism on the Evergreen College campus near Washington State’s capitol is now under review. The man who unknowingly “started” it all by resisting a weirdly racist and segregationist demand from the “equity movement” students and faculty here summarizes the highlights: Here

Game of Bones

Tucker Carlson doesn’t like being called a Hitler sympathizer for showing some skepticism about neoconservative plans to engage with bad guys everywhere while demonizing Russia. Make no bones about it! The humorists over at Reason TV look at bad foreign and domestic policy without jesting using the argumentum ad Hitlerum.

Growing Into Power, Position, Privilege

The congressman with two first names also has two faces. In today’s video, Congressman Markwayne Mullin and his wife, Christie, announce that he will break his promise to step down from Congress after three terms, which he repeatedly made to voters in order to win the seat in 2012. The

Voter Rights Advocates Block Proposed Ohio ‘Reform’

An outpouring of grassroots, bipartisan opposition to a pending recommendation by the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission caused the commission to table that proposed recommendation concerning citizen-initiated ballot measures — in what may be the last meeting of the commission. The recommendation would have created numerous double standards between constitutional amendments


Look deeply into a funny movie for an important lesson in political philosophy and social ethics:

Chelsea Clinton and Interconnectedness

A few days ago Chelsea Clinton, daughter of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, proclaimed some trendy wisdom. About “interconnectedness.” How she missed “systemic” we are not sure. Professor Gad Saad is not impressed. Rush Limbaugh compares Ms. Clinton to a very different professor.

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