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Chelsea Clinton and Interconnectedness

A few days ago Chelsea Clinton, daughter of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, proclaimed some trendy wisdom. About “interconnectedness.” How she missed “systemic” we are not sure. Professor Gad Saad is not impressed. Rush Limbaugh compares Ms. Clinton to a very different professor.

“Don’t Under-estimate the Power of Your [Free] Speech”

Of postmodernism and the mob campaign against western civilization’s central tenet, freedom of thought and speech — which rests upon a basic sense of the individual person’s worth. “You’re one person away from a million people and two persons away from a billion people” — one of many provocative and

Why the Bill of Rights?

Sen. Sasse took the Supreme Court nomination hearing of Neil Gorsuch as the occasion for a “teachable moment”: Here is the whole interview, much of which is also quite good:

The Deep State Exposed

The latest WikiLeaks exposure has now presented us with a fuller picture of our government than we had before. The trendy term for this, right now, is “the Deep State.” But we are talking, here, merely about the secret wing of the administrative state that has been building up for

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