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How Many ”Killy Things” Do We Need?

Defense spending is one of those “games” that it is not really possible to know what is the optimal level: spend to little, you are dead or enslaved or struggling within chaos; spend too much and you are broke or in hock above your eyebrows or … struggling within chaos.

Bitcoin — whew!

The cyber/crypto currency Bitcoin has been going through downs and ups, recently. This discussion from a few weeks ago might help unpack some of the issues:

Free Speech for Nazis?

This out-take from a formal panel debate contains some good stuff, and helps give a basic set of perspectives in current ideological argumentation:

YouTube’s “Mess” — Screwed-up Priorities

Long after conservative, libertarian and alt-right (and often just mildly controversial news reportage) videos were infamously “de-monetized” by Google’s YouTube service, a wave of advertisers have pulled out of the service entirely, because of disgusting, pedophile-related child-exploitation content … which somehow had escaped oversight.

Fair Shares?

Some data about who is and is not paying their alleged ”fair share“ in taxes:

A Hero, in His Own Words

Last week, Sunday, a mass murdering shooter was himself shot, thereby stopped in his murderous rampage. Here is an in-depth interview with the man who confronted the killer.

Late Onset Autism?

A comic confronts the anti-free-speech Left: Very funny as well as insightful. Some R-rated language, so a parental (or self) advisory is hereby suggested.

Overcoming Prejudice to Become Open to Equal Rights

In this TEDx presentation, documentarian Cassie Jay explains how she overcame her bigotry to consider a point of view she thought was … evil. And how she changed her mind, altering her ideological viewpoint. In an age where the ideological lines are hardening, proof that people can open themselves up

It’s Scary

Really? It is almost diabolical, creeping political correctness — diabolical. ‘Tis the season.

Explaining Trump: Checkers, Chess, and Norman Vincent Peale

Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, has a regular Periscope broadcast worth watching. Here are two recent episodes on YouTube (odd formatting; the Periscope versions take up a more of the screen). The subject is President Trump, and Adams is most interested in interpreting Donald Trump as a master persuader:

Two Stories of Changed Minds

Dave Rubin interviewed John Stossel and “Red Pill Black,” this week. What is interesting is to compare their similar changes of heart and mind regarding politics and towards more limited government perspectives. Unless you are following new media, you may never have heard of Candace Owens (“Red Pill Black”), but

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