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Video: Calm Protestors in Camp

A reporter goes out to the Oregon outpost with the sit-in/protest asking pointed questions about history, religion, and (of course) “white privilege”: The sit-in protestors do not seem like hysterical “militia terrorists” to me. Do they to you? One of them, LaVoy Finicum, is the man later shot and killed

Video: Ron Paul on Conscription

In this weekend’s selected video, former presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul discusses a lawsuit challenging the male-only draft registration program, the military draft, foreign policy, and the role of women in combat: The video begins with a great scene from the 1965 movie Shenandoah. “Virginia needs all of

Kasich for Us

Video: Kasich — For & Against Term Limits

Asked about reforming Washington toward the end of a rambling hour-long talk yesterday to employees at C&S Wholesale Grocers in Keene, New Hampshire, presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich came out squarely against term limits. And then, 100 percent for them. “We put term limits in in Ohio. You

Pioneer 10 plaque, detail

Video: Dating, Demographics and Economics

What happens to civilization partly depends upon . . . dating? Could be. If successful men and women find themselves at an impasse in “the mating market,” and not producing children, the habits of success do not get passed to the next generation along with capital in the most natural

Video: Broaching Mrs. Trudeau’s Brooch

The Rebel Media takes on Canada’s latest entry into the “Cool Ruler” sweepstakes, with an acquisitive dynamic duo that somehow has received the imprimatur of the “progressive.”

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