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Federal Debt

Video: The Three Levels of Federal Debt … and the Coming Crisis

Michael Tanner of Cato Institute has a new book out, and it looks like it takes on the federal budget, deficits, and debt in an honest and realistic manner. This is what Americans need to understand. But will politicians ever tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the


Video: Comparative Imperfections

“We’re so much more rational in sports,” says Thomas Sowell, than in economic policy. Here Sowell clarifies a major policy issue that flows from the “market failure” analysis that grew out of “perfect competition” models in modern economics. But without the math.  

Hayek and Mises cartoon

Video: Hayek Essentials

You’ve heard of F. A. Hayek. Here is a helpful, brief overview of his life and work, in easy-to-digest and safe-to-share form.

No TSA in SF

Video: Replace the TSA

John Stossel, on his terrific Fox Business show, explains how and why switching to private security in airports would be an improvement over the intrusive, prurient, incompetent, wasteful Transportation Security Administration. As the show explains, airport participation with TSA security is optional: San Francisco has a private service instead, and

Video: The Clinton Scandals

Morning Joe says that the Clinton Cash controversy is way bigger than the rather humble author of the book lets on. There is much more to uncover, and it is being uncovered. More viewing: Up w/Steve Kornacki on Clinton Foundation Scandal ABC: Clinton Foundation Event with Human Rights Violators “Held in

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