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Massive Government Failure in Parkland, Florida

As Ben Shapiro enumerates, government law enforcement agents failed in last week’s Parkland, Florida, shooting. The count? Forty-five separate instances of failure. Shapiro also explains how and how not to fight the hysterical left’s calumnies and demands.

Meanwhile, the Oceans Fill with Junk

One problem with the obsession over “global climate change” has been the neglect of a problem that we might be able to fix: A number of proposals for de-polluting the seas have been “floated,” but this one is underway:

Freedom and Slavery Around the World

It is sad to see the U.S. fall so far in the world freedom rankings. But instructive to see who is on top. And then, to contrast, see where the actual slavery is:

How to Change the World, One You at a Time

Our first step in making a better world is, almost certainly, making ourselves better. Understandably, we do not mention this that often when dealing with public policy, but, when it comes right down to it….

Lindsay Shepherd’s Inquisition

“There was no complaint.” When a young teaching assistant was brought before a politically correct tribunal at her Canadian college, just for including a video of Dr. Jordan Peterson, we knew it was quite the scandal. Now, after some time has lapsed, she updates her story, and puts it in

This. There Is This. The Interview to End All Interviews.

Dr. Jordan Peterson was “interviewed” on BBC’s Channel 4 News. More like an absurdist’s inquisition, it has become notorious. If you have missed it, watch it now: Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin gives a play-by-play game summary: Ben Shapiro weighs in, too: Scott Adams discusses cognitive dissonance and “hallucinations”: The

The Repeating Crossbow

We may be entering a new era of home-made invention and production. Some of this is being driven by 3-D printing technology. But good old-fashioned backyard innovation still has much to be said for it. And if you are interested in unregulated weaponry, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, or just

How Many ”Killy Things” Do We Need?

Defense spending is one of those “games” that it is not really possible to know what is the optimal level: spend to little, you are dead or enslaved or struggling within chaos; spend too much and you are broke or in hock above your eyebrows or … struggling within chaos.

Bitcoin — whew!

The cyber/crypto currency Bitcoin has been going through downs and ups, recently. This discussion from a few weeks ago might help unpack some of the issues:

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