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Video: Time Capsule (The Draft)

This is a blast from the past. Cut to the 5:33 mark to begin the interview proper. Thirty years ago, on this date, Paul Jacob was arrested by three FBI agents for not registering for the draft.

Video: Fee-Ridden, not Free

An interesting take on what the Wall Street Journal calls “little fiefdoms”: Maybe they should be called “little thiefdoms”!

Video: A Wooden Horse in Arkansas

The most dishonest ballot measure in America is one from my former home state of Arkansas. Watch this short video featuring Bob Porto, co-chair of Arkansas Term Limits, explaining why this 22-page-long amendment to the state constitution is a “Trojan Horse.” His group has been touring the state with a

Video: The Long Con in Arkansas

A video about three legislature-referred ballot measures in Arkansas, one of which, Issue 3, is NOT like the others. Video courtesy of Paul Jacob.

Video: Firefighters Riot in Montreal

MEMO to politicians: You can only kick the can so far down the road. Over the years, Montreal politicians have promised cushy pensions and more to the city’s firefighters. Now the city is over a billion bucks in the red, so city politicians figure that firefighters must contribute more to

Video: NASA contracts with SpaceX etc

Rundown of the week’s big stories, including the new space deal. This is surely not full privatization, but it is better than NASA monopolizing the space effort. Plus: Peter Thiel on good and bad monopolies.

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