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Why the Bill of Rights?

Sen. Sasse took the Supreme Court nomination hearing of Neil Gorsuch as the occasion for a “teachable moment”: Here is the whole interview, much of which is also quite good:

The Deep State Exposed

The latest WikiLeaks exposure has now presented us with a fuller picture of our government than we had before. The trendy term for this, right now, is “the Deep State.” But we are talking, here, merely about the secret wing of the administrative state that has been building up for

Milo Y / Anti-Milo Why-Nots

Berkeley, home to the Free Speech movement in the “olden days,” was home this week to violence and mayhem that “successfully” blocked the free and peaceful exchange of ideas. As you consider how a free people should respond, here are various voices from the scene of the crime. First, a

Torture Works?!?

The new president believes torture “works” . . . and Sen. Rand Paul disagrees: Sen. Rand Paul is correct: (a) torture doesn’t work, (b) torture is illegal, and (c) we might end up torturing innocent folks. But I oppose the use of torture for two other reasons: (d) torture is

What President Trump Says He’ll Do First

President Donald Trump has gone on record setting up his first hundred-days agenda. What’s first up? “FIRST, propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.” Why might that be a priority? Well, here: Inside-the-Beltway journalists tend to be clueless about the subject, of course: Pity

Liberty Under Trump

Here is a fairly long interview with This Is Common Sense’s Paul Jacob, from a recent radio show: The first 33 minutes give a pretty coherent picture of the politics of common sense today. If you stop there, no one would think ill of you.

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