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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Socialism depends for its increasing support upon widespread ignorance of economic reality. That it keeps creeping back into politics may not seem strange. What may seem strange is that a major business enterprise would also not understand that reality. But that appears to be the case. More at Townhall. And yet more below:

  • The company? Panera Bread.
  • It’s a franchise operation.
  • The Blaze reported on its “Panera Cares” experiment going “belly-up.”
  • But for the full comedy, try NPR’s Planet Money podcast.
  • For the Pareto-Schmoller tale, you could read Vilfredo Pareto’s Mind and Society. Or just check out this blogpost.
  • For why socialism cannot work like socialists say it can work, you might try Ludwig von Mises’ classic Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis. (Pareto wrote a two-volume work of a similar nature, but it has never been translated into English!)

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