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Initiative & Referendum

Paul Jacob Receives Courage Under Fire Award – CPAC 2009

Paul Jacob’s Opening Remarks at U.S. Conference on I&R in San Francisco (2010)

Improving Direct Democracy

OCMC Paul Jacob Testimony

OCMC Ron Alban Testimony

The Taxpayer’s Best Friend: Initiative & Referendum

The Prosecution of Dr. Annette Bosworth

Paul Jacob speaks to PAF 494 at Arizona State University

Paul Jacob at Sam Adams Alliance

The People’s House Has Been Crushed

“The Oklahoma 3” Rally with Paul Jacob, Sen. Randy Brogdon

Paul Jacob at a Libertarian Supper Club – 1

Paul Jacob at a Libertarian Supper Club – 2

Government Reform at the Hands of the People – The impact of ballot initiative and referendums

On Conscription and Draft Registration

Why Paul Jacob Went to Prison Over the Draft

Paul Jacob, Libertarian Party on Russ Gibb at Random, 1987

Ron Paul: Women In Combat, An Issue Of Rights? [Paul Jacob mentioned]

Other Issues

Paul Jacob Introduces 2011 Roe Award Winner: John Tillman

Paul Jacob presents Ari Armstrong w/ Modern-Day Sam Adams Award

Paul Jacob on Krist Novoselic and Style in Politics

Nirvana bassist & FairVote Chair Krist Novoselic speaks at Direct Democracy party

Independent Thinking – Part 1

Independent Thinking – Part 2

Independent Thinking – Part 3

Paul Jacob on WINA-AM – Part I

Paul Jacob on WINA-AM – Part II

Paul Jacob on WINA-AM – Part III

Paul Jacob on WINA-AM – Part IV

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