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Cool Car and Hot Coffee for President Cool

The President of the United States claims to be very popular with “the zero to eight demographic.” The kids like his name, which they say in an unbroken string of syllables: Barackobama. Politics is a lot like football. Teddy Roosevelt was the coolest president . . . until Barackobama. All

Freedom of Information

What a Day for an Insult

Much of politics is timing. When you release information is key. One favorite “statesman” trick is to bury unflattering information by “releasing” it on a Friday, right before the weekend. This gives politicians a respite. Surely world events will have spewed up some worse (that is, more interesting!) story over

Pot, Kettle; Obama, Putin

President Calvin Coolidge looks more like a sage every day. Confucius would’ve been proud of Silent Cal. Today’s top politicians might take a cue from the man: When you don’t have much to say, say nothing. President Barack Obama, whose popularity in America up until recently rested, in part, on his


“In war,” the Greek dramatist Aeschylus told us, “truth is the first casualty.” This came to mind when Secretary of State John Kerry testified in the Senate last week. The new Iraq War has been pitched exhaustively to the American people as “only air strikes” and “absolutely no boots on

Keep Your Money

“Thanks, but no thanks.” So says Michigan State Representative Tom McMillin to President Barack Obama. In response to the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and its aftermath, and then the non-indictment of the officer involved, and its aftermath, President Obama requested that Congress fund a new $263

Dead Document?

Could it be? We do not live under the Constitution of the United States. The document has been a dead letter for a century, maybe longer. Ours is a Post-Constitutional America. Surely, there have been great moments of executive usurpation. Andrew Jackson, in defiance of the Supreme Court, and against

Who Needs Canada (or Oil)?

What has Canada done for us lately, eh? Sure, Canadians invented peanut butter and the egg carton. But hey: peanut allergies . . . and loose eggs in a grocery sack will do. Canada also gave us the Wonderbra, Trivial Pursuits and Instant Replay. But put those all together and

For Some Reason

Yesterday, the House voted to extend the legal ability for the Export-Import Bank to run . . . for another nine months. The people’s legislature passed the “stop-gap” measure, 319-108, with both bipartisan support and bipartisan opposition. Just last month, President Obama expressed dismay that Republicans would be against it.

If DADOOJ Existed

The important group Democrats Against Democratic Obstruction of Justice (DADOOJ) has yet to be formed to denounce ongoing cover-ups by the Obama administration. If a DADOOJ did exist, though, its two or three members would surely cite a recent Hill column by Rick Manning, “More lost emails—When will Democrats have

Wrong Lesson Learned

Last week’s interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman brought a rare admission from President Barack Obama. Friedman asked, “What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned doing foreign policy?” “I’ll give you an example of a lesson I had to learn that still has, you know, ramifications to this day,”

Foreign Policy Evacuation?

Last week, the United States closed and shuttered the embassy in Tripoli, Libya, evacuating from the country its personnel — 158 diplomats and 60 Marines. Fighting between two rival militias reportedly got so close that the embassy was actually being hit by stray small arms fire. I certainly don’t object

Mr. Majesty

Are American presidents becoming (or have they long since become) tantamount to elected kings? Cato Institute scholar Gene Healy has penned volumes about the super-sized presidency (The Cult of the Presidency and False Idol: Barack Obama and the Continuing Cult of the Presidency, for two). So he’s well-qualified to assess

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