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Bankruptcy, Not Bailouts

America’s bailout economy started many administrations ago, but really went Big Time under President George W. Bush . . . and then went Enormity Time with President Barack Obama. The Washington Post provides the latest in bailout news by noting an inter-departmental squabble: The Special Inspector General for the Troubled

The Dictators’ Drones

Partisanship leads to mass delusion. The “targeted” drone runs of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama have killed thousands of innocent people in foreign lands — without a declaration of war. The main theme of Greg Greenwald’s terrific and much-tweeted Guardian article, “Obama: a GOP president should have rules

The Obama Betrayals

In one way, President Obama has had it hard: He inherited a mess. In another, he has had it easy: His predecessor blew it big time. As James Bovard put it in his 2004 book, The Bush Betrayal, “George W. Bush came to the presidency promising prosperity, peace, and humility.

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