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Townhall: Freedom with an Exception Clause

It’s an old trick: make the exception clauses completely transform the principles involved. In Colorado, a politician is trying mightily to transform the nature of citizen involvement in state government. She thinks she’s an angel, of course. But if you think of her as a devil, I’d completely understand. Click

Their Power

Boo hoo. Thirty-three hifalutin members of Colorado’s political elite — state legislators, former legislators, board of education officials, city and county politicians, and assorted insiders — are whining as plaintiffs in what’s called a federal case. Why? They lost an election … in 1992! Now, as the federal 10th Circuit

Moving Boulders

“Supreme Court says Boulder City cannot sue citizens over ballot initiatives,” read the Las Vegas Sun headline. An important legal victory . . . a long time coming. Three years ago, I caught an online story about a citizens group that had petitioned three measures onto their local ballot: (1)

You’re Not Under Arrest

Certain sheriffs in Colorado and other states have something in common. None of them will ever have to say “I was just following orders” as an excuse for failing to respect the right of an individual to bear arms. They’re simply not following those orders. In Colorado, Sheriff John Cooke

Townhall: Plumber Wrench into the Gears of Gun Control

The First and Second Amendment are very good friends. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’re close, one always protecting the other, as we witnessed again last week in Colorado.  For more on the big Rocky Mountain State recall vote, click on over to And then come back here for

Two-Way Communication

Tonight Americans have an opportunity to listen to President Barack Obama as he directly states his case for a U.S. military attack on Syria. Wouldn’t it be nice if, for one day, instead of Americans listening to the president, the president had to listen to us? Not just on Syria

A Voter Revolt

The signatures are in: 16,199 of them — twice as many as needed to initiate the first recall election of a state lawmaker in Colorado history. The target of voter ire? Senate President John Morse. He ticked off his El Paso County constituents by spearheading the recent triple whammy of

Rocky Mountain Facts

Norma Anderson is one of the politician-plaintiffs challenging Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights in federal court. The former Republican state senator claims the citizen-enacted measure, requiring a vote of the people to raise taxes, is unconstitutional. Why? It violates the legislature’s divine right to raise taxes without having to bother

Sheriff Control

If you’re going to advocate gun-backed force to violate the individual’s right to bear arms — the form of people control also known as “gun control” — why not also try to strong-arm opponents of gun control into silence? Sheriff Terry Maketa of El Paso County, Colorado, went on the

No Particular Agenda

Agenda-less improvement of Colorado’s constitution is the goal of a “group of Colorado’s top civic leaders, bipartisan in its makeup,” according to the Denver Post. All they want to do is correct constitutional inconsistencies. The difficulty of getting the revisions is so acute that many of the state’s “top civic

Put Federalism In Your Pipe

Though centralized power, coalescing in Washington, D.C., has increased in recent years as a bipartisan effort to grow government, it’s worth noting that true federalism is not dead. Take one of America’s longest-running atrocities, the “War on Drugs.” The American people are rebelling, leaving their political representatives, state and national,

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