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Congress Bites Taxpayers

Is it even humanly possible to be sleazier and more disgusting than the Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood? Sadly, and clearly . . . yes. There is the U.S. Congress. In 2011, after 175 years in operation, the House page program — whereby young people came to work and learn in the

Now Okay to Walk and Talk in DC

Tourist guides in our nation’s capital now get to talk through what they’re walking through. DC circuit Judge Janice Brown rules that Washington, DC, wrongly burdens First Amendment rights when it prohibits talking “about points of interest or the history of the city while escorting or guiding a person who

Liars, Fools, Educators

There’s something very, very wrong with today’s public school culture. I wrote that as a start for today’s excursion into the land wherein common sense has utterly fled . . . but without knowing whether I would dissect a Washington Times story about two Virginia Beach, Virginia, students suspended (perhaps

D.C. Protectionism

Some things are a bit hard to grasp. One of them is intra-national protectionism. Most forms of protectionism try to shield businesses within a country from competition outside, using tariffs or price controls to “even the playing field,” so to speak. What these laws do is make goods more costly

The Cost of Saving a Life

The going rate for saving a child’s life in Washington, D.C., is $1000. That’s not what somebody pays you for doing so; that’s what you pay. Considering the punishment he could have suffered, though, Benjamin Srigley got off easy. A few years ago, a Supreme Court decision forced a little

What’s in a Game?

I’ve lived near Washington, D.C., for 21 years, but somehow the local obsession for the Washington Redskins has never taken hold. Most of my “NFL time” has been spent rooting for Washington’s agony of defeat. Recent seasons have been very, very good to me. But this year, an impressive rookie

The Kindness of Bureaucrats

When the local government of Washington, D.C., says, “Don’t worry” — people worry. Matthew Marcou, deputy associate director of the District of Columbia’s Department of Transportation’s Public Space Regulation Administration, told those ruled by his long-worded administrative agency — the people working the city’s many food trucks, which feed lunch

Medallions “Stink of Tyranny”

Not long ago on I briefly told the tale of two journalists, both arrested for taking pictures at a public meeting. This stunk of tyranny, to me. “Government cameras on citizens? Dangerous. Citizen lenses trained on government? Essential safety devices.” What I didn’t mention was that the public meeting

In the Money

The economy is down, but some businesses are still bustling. Take the business of running local government in Washington, D.C. Money must be rolling in. The mayor just asked the city council to raise the highest compensation level he is permitted to pay employees by $100,000. No, not to $100,000.

Metro Plays Hooky Roulette

Government-run mass transit is not merely a tragedy of inefficiency, in Washington, DC, the Metro has proved itself a danger to life and limb. Five Metro workers have been killed on the job in roughly the last year. Before that, a June 2009 Metro train accident that killed nine people

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