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Jesse Jackson, Jr., Fraudster

Guilty. That’s what Jesse Jackson, Jr., former congressman, pleaded in court yesterday. Fraud. That’s the name of his crime, though it was a particular kind of fraud, the taking of campaign contributions for personal use. Partnered. The Rev. Jesse Jackson’s famous son was not alone, nor did he merely “fall

Ponzi in California

Keeping loans and investments distinct is important not merely for business people, but for governments. Case in point? Mahmoud “Mike” Karkehabadi’s 89 felony counts of securities fraud and grand theft. The Laguna Niguel, California, movie maker is accused of turning his business into a Ponzi scheme. When his film Hotel California

Global Warming Conspiracy?

In politics, we’re used to being lied to. But in science? Revelations coming out of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit spark such questions, and more. Hackers have released onto the Internet confidential emails of the CRU climatologists largely responsible for the “global warming” conclusions in the famous

The Wizard of Fraudz

Every time the economy takes a nose-dive, we roust up a few frauds and a bevy of humbugs. This outing’s big villain is financier Bernard Madoff. For decades, Madoff made off with billions of other people’s money by pretending to invest it honestly. Instead, he paid off early “investors” with

Pennsylvania Ballot Non-Access

Which major party works behind the scenes, illegally, to scuttle democratic processes? Well, consider Pennsylvania. Ralph Nader has an $81,000 judgment against him, to pay off the legal costs of those who challenged his campaign in 2004. In early August, Nader petitioned the state Commonwealth Court to overturn that judgment,

Another OK Court Decision?

Here’s another interesting court decision in Oklahoma. Oh, this time it’s not a petition with hundreds of thousands of voter signatures being tossed out. And no, it’s not quite as crazy as that ruling allowing a man to photograph up the skirts of girls at the mall. This time Oklahoma’s

Opposed to Answers

A Daily Oklahoman editorial laments the killing of a bill that would have created a task force to study the state’s initiative process, writing, “The initiative petition process in Oklahoma is in need of a fix.” That’s why Representative Randy Terrill sponsored the bill. Which passed the House 86 yays

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