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The Hillary Loss, Are Libertarians to Blame/Thank?

O, the Trump win was a thing to behold! Maybe you are like us here at Common Sense, and did not vote for the man. But you did not vote for Hillary Clinton, either. So, are you to blame? Er, thank? There were plenty of Jill Stein voters. And many more

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The Un-gaffe-able Hillary Clinton

What a troublesome election season. My wife and I have argued for days . . . over which one of us first blurted out that Clinton’s statement about Mosul, Iraq, in the final presidential debate, was flat-out wrong. Geographically. Map-wise. Iraqi and Kurdish troops (with U.S. “advisors” and air cover)

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Serving the Voters

Who will choose the next president of these United States? Voters? A private non-profit organization? The media? The Electoral College? The U.S. House of Representatives? Russian hackers? No joke, that last. Beyond the suspected Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee, the FBI warned last week that hackers, likely Russian,

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The Stupidity of 15

Most Americans think there are only two choices for the presidency. And will thus vote for either Clinton or Trump. They are wrong. There are two popular minor party contenders, and one will even be on all 50 state ballots. In other election cycles, one could argue that a “third

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The Media’s Job

Do nearly two-thirds of Americans want Libertarian Party presidential nominee and former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson in the presidential debates?, the hoax-busting website, investigated the truthiness of a widespread Internet meme making just that claim. The verdict? It’s true. An August 25th Quinnipiac University poll

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Too Dangerous x 2

“If he governs consistent with some of the things he’s said as a candidate, I would be very frightened,” former CIA Director Michael Hayden says about Donald Trump. These are the words that begin an ominous television spot from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The advertisement concludes that Mr. Trump is

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The New Centrism?

Have you noticed that CNN has been offering multiple “town hall” presentations of the Libertarian and Green Party presidential candidates? I think this is not only great for the Libertarians and the Greens, but also good for the country — and I hope it proves good for CNN. When the

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Libertarianish, Democratish?

With the two most disliked and distrusted politicians in American history snatching the two major party presidential nominations, lots of voters — free-market conservatives, libertarians, liberals concerned about civil liberties and war, moderates, decency advocates — are looking for an alternative. The Libertarian Party, our age’s perennial “third party” on

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Who’s the Boss?

This week, Republicans have chosen Donald Trump to be their standard-bearer. Next week, Democrats will nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate. But the only candidate on your ballot to take the U.S. Term Limits pledge is Gary Johnson, the Libertarian. Last week, I rubbed elbows with the former two-term

Townhall: And Now, Behind Door No. 3

. . . a brand new future! Well, maybe. Americans have so far shown a bit too much old-brand loyalty. Click on over to, and then come back here. We’ve quite a good show: The Blaze: Fox Shows Knew Cato: Libertarian Ticket Sane Republicans America’s Governors, a report card

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President Johnson?

An unusual year, far from over. This week, the Libertarian Party holds its presidential nominating convention in Orlando, Florida. Next November, after all the votes are counted, the party’s likely nominee, former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and his likely vice-presidential running mate, former two-term Massachusetts Governor William Weld,

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Faces Veiled, Fallacies Unveiled

A real-life politician has admitted to having been wrong, even going so far as to dismiss his own previous comment as “stupid.” He wasn’t abject about it — didn’t “apologize.” He simply explained how and why he had erred. This . . . from a presidential contender. No, it wasn’t

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