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Who’s the Boss?

This week, Republicans have chosen Donald Trump to be their standard-bearer. Next week, Democrats will nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate. But the only candidate on your ballot to take the U.S. Term Limits pledge is Gary Johnson, the Libertarian. Last week, I rubbed elbows with the former two-term

Gary Johnson

Townhall: And Now, Behind Door No. 3

. . . a brand new future! Well, maybe. Americans have so far shown a bit too much old-brand loyalty. Click on over to, and then come back here. We’ve quite a good show: The Blaze: Fox Shows Knew Cato: Libertarian Ticket Sane Republicans America’s Governors, a report card

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President Johnson?

An unusual year, far from over. This week, the Libertarian Party holds its presidential nominating convention in Orlando, Florida. Next November, after all the votes are counted, the party’s likely nominee, former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and his likely vice-presidential running mate, former two-term Massachusetts Governor William Weld,

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Faces Veiled, Fallacies Unveiled

A real-life politician has admitted to having been wrong, even going so far as to dismiss his own previous comment as “stupid.” He wasn’t abject about it — didn’t “apologize.” He simply explained how and why he had erred. This . . . from a presidential contender. No, it wasn’t

Sore Insiders

Party politics is often underhanded. Many of our country’s founders knew this all too well, and tried to avoid the factionalism of party politics. But still, two political factions emerged, and our politics has been dominated by two parties ever since. And believe me, the two insider parties work mightily

So Goes the Ancient Chinese Curse

Election news from the weekend tells us that Ron Paul won the majority of delegates at Maine’s GOP state convention, with a sizable hunk of Republicans saying, yet again, “no” to Mitt Romney. In France, Nicolas Sarkozy got ousted, as French voters put in a self-declared socialist for the second

Townhall: Bad to Worst

Variation on a by now well-worn theme: “Bad to Worst” on Please visit, then come back here to comment, and look for more links: “Reading List for the End of an Age” (on what and whom to blame for our continuing financial crisis) “Is More Regulation the Answer?” (Common

Veto Washington

When former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson sought the Republican nomination for president, he was unequivocally told “NO” — not by voters, who had little chance to consider his candidacy, but by media outlets refusing to give him a place on their debate stages. Mr. Johnson didn’t garner enough support

Got Jobs?

New jobs come from entrepreneurial insight into new ways of profitably producing goods; they are paid for with investments. After a bust, old ratios of prices and wages cease to work, requiring time for entrepreneurs to refigure. But capitalism’s basic scenario — savings, investment, productivity gains, trades — still applies.

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