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Biden His Time

Vice-President Joe Biden announced, yesterday, that he will not run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, ending many weeks of speculation. The Veep’s exit from a race he never entered benefits Mrs. Clinton, who in those same polls has a larger lead head-to-head against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Much of

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Weird & Wacky

Have you noticed how weird politics has gotten? I don’t mean government spying on us or never-ending wars or crony capitalism or rights violations or mounting trillions in debt or new, innovative forms of waste, fraud and abuse. I’m just talking about the presidential horse race. The Donald is way

Subsidy for Everybody!

According to Vice President Joe Biden, the debate is over. Health care, by which he means medical assistance, is a basic right — to be obtained through government, and made effective by the Affordable Care Act — not a “privilege.” By “right” he means  “something others are forced to provide,”

Setting the Policy

Vice President Joe Biden got the big headlines over the weekend, with his Meet the Press comments on same-sex marriage. He was quoted everywhere. There was much talk of how this fit (or didn’t fit) with the administration’s official ideology: I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying

The Audacity of Sleep

During Wednesday’s big speech, just as President Obama laid into Rep. Ryan’s Medicare reform proposal, Vice President Joe Biden skirmished with the Sandman. Zzzzz. Obama wasn’t boring, though. He had a theme. As he saw it, the Republicans’ “pessimistic” vision is of an “America [that] can’t afford to keep the

The Old Ball Game

Those New York Yankees did it again. I’d love to have seen them win their 27th World Series crown. But, well, the tickets are terribly expensive. For those who don’t buy season tickets, the average ticket price is $750. For Game 6 in New York, that average soared to $900.

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