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Leave Them Kids Alone

This just in: oblivious little boys still play cops and robbers. Just as in days of old. Wait. Hold on. Breathe. Just breathe. This sociological fact doesn’t mean that we’re a nation of incipient international terrorists but for the galumphing grace of grumpy zero-tolerant schoolmasters. Common sense says you don’t

Play Gun Theater

Stop me if I repeat myself . . . but maybe we don’t need elaborate explanations for poor performance in America’s public schools. Maybe it comes down to this: they are run by people as unhinged as the administrators of the Stacy Middle School in Middleford, Massachusetts. Yes, it’s time

A Pointed Reminder

“In schools,” the Washington Post headline warned, “a pointed finger or a toy gun can spell trouble.” The front-page feature detailed a far too extensive and growing list of zero tolerance, zero commonsense punishments meted out to children as young as five at various “educational” institutions. A ten-year old boy

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