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The Ten Trillion Dollar Decade

It’s Tax Day tomorrow. Waiting till the last moment to file because you’ll have to write a check? It hurts, but you must be financially better off than the federal government, which itself owes $17.5 trillion, all because Congress and the President refuse to balance budgets. In the last ten

Bankruptcy, Not Bailouts

America’s bailout economy started many administrations ago, but really went Big Time under President George W. Bush . . . and then went Enormity Time with President Barack Obama. The Washington Post provides the latest in bailout news by noting an inter-departmental squabble: The Special Inspector General for the Troubled

Congress to Blame

Last week, the budget deal, with its first consequence: the immediate increase of U.S. government debt, to outsize the Gross Domestic Product. By week’s end, that notoriously rising debt was downgraded in the ratings. Immediately, politicians began blaming each other. In other words: No surprises. Sen. Rand Paul and Rep.

Big Government Bigger Than All Else

No sooner had the president signed the new debt limit, and then up went federal debt — to $14.58 trillion. Brave new world, that has such numbers in it. What’s so amazing about this number is that it is larger than last year’s GDP of $14.53 trillion. I know, Gross

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