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Video: Twelve Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

Guy Kawasaki worked for Steve Jobs twice in his career, serving as an “evangelist” for Macintosh computers, among other things. So the lessons he learned from the revolutionary Mr. Jobs are worth thinking about. One of his lessons is skepticism (to put it nicely) about the opinions of “experts.” There

A True Revolutionary

The key to success in business? Profitably serve as wide a customer base as possible. Mass production is the lynchpin. And it’s also at the heart of why many intellectuals hate capitalism: Serving the mass of mankind is “beneath” them. They have a higher calling. They serve Justice, or The

Greater Eloquence

Last week, two major speeches caught our attention. Barack Obama wagged his finger at the Supreme Court and orated in front of Congress. He said the state of the union is sound. Apple’s Steve Jobs gave the other big speech, presenting the new iPad, a portable device that accesses the

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