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Sit, UBI, Sit: Play Dead

This weekend, the Swiss people rejected the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) with a whopping 77 percent against. That’s the kind of overwhelming result that one finds in America for, say, term limits. And 23 percent, you might notice, is about the percentage of the population in America

The 22 Franc Minimum Wage

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney agree with America’s progressives: raising the minimum wage is common sense. The Swiss had a chance to prove their solidarity with that notion yesterday, when they voted on whether to establish a minimum wage in the country, a rather

On the Road in South America, Part One

This week Paul Jacob is traveling down south — way down south. Here he reports from the Lima, Peru, airport, explaining what he’s up to: If all goes according to plan, he’ll report a few more times while in South America, and after. You can view this video in HD,

Alfred Nobel Rolls Over

The Nobel Committee, having whetted its appetite for absurdity with a long string of goofy Peace Prize Awards, especially but not limited to the 2009 award for Barack Obama (who had done nothing but get elected to earn it), went all the way by giving the 2012 award to the

French Rolls

Jim Dixon, Kingsley Amis’s infamous Lucky Jim, put the logic of wealth redistribution in everyday terms: “If one man’s got ten buns and another’s got two, and a bun has got to be given up by one of them, then surely you take it from the man with ten buns.”

Swiss Gun Control

In mid-February, Swiss voters rejected stricter gun controls. No one knows how many guns the Swiss own. There’s no national registration system, yet the Swiss do not suffer a high crime rate, like America does. But the country does have the highest gun suicide rate in Europe. The stranger issue,

Dank der Direct Democracy

For the last week, I’ve had the arduous duty of traveling across beautiful Switzerland, studying their very robust system of voter initiative and referendum. An important issue came up: is so-called “direct democracy” good or bad for business, for economic growth? Years ago, a Swiss professor suggested that allowing voters

Wait a Minaret!

In a national referendum, the Swiss just voted to ban the construction of any new minarets in the country. Minarets are the onion-shaped crowned spires of Islamic mosques, from which Muslims are called to prayer five times each day. At, economist Tyler Cowen’s first thought on the Swiss vote

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