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Our Masters’ Malign Agenda

Reacting to terrorism, President Obama’s first thought? Scratch out the Second Amendment and the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of “due process” from the Bill of Rights. Why? To advance his mania for gun control. Now comes Republican front-runner Donald Trump, one-upping the president. He wants to block any Muslim from entering

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Enumerated Wrongs

Will the government soon quarter troops in your home? The Third Amendment prohibits that, sure — but if prominent and powerful Democrats are so anxious to toss out the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution, who’s to say they wouldn’t jettison the Third? Last year, every Democratic U.S. Senator

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The Sanders/Obama/Nye Conjecture

When some of America’s most illustrious public figures — Senator Bernie Sanders, President Barack Obama, and Bill Nye the Science Guy — proclaim global climate change as the “obvious” cause of the rise of ISIS (and recent rounds of terrorism), it’s time to consider: Is it climate change that is

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Deep Thinker Kerry

Comparing Friday’s horrific shootings by Islamist terrorists to the events of last January, one-time presidential candidate John Kerry noted that there is “something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo. . . . There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of — not

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Heroism for Everybody

Liberty is achieved, when it is achieved, at a price. Vigilance. And this isn’t just an inspiring political message. It’s practical advice for extraordinary circumstances. What’s the best thing to do if you meet a mass murderer on a rampage, or a terrorist on his mission? It may not be

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Another Leaf Out of Gov’t’s Playbook

Could government be a suck-hole for intelligence? Could one’s proximity to government reduce one’s IQ? America’s public (read: government) schools too often serve as Wisdom-Free Zones. The Ahmed Mohamed story shocked a lot of people. A kid with a clock was mistaken for a terrorist with a bomb and the

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Case Closed . . . But Ticking

Irving, Texas, authorities — I use that term loosely — announced yesterday that the case has been closed. Over. Finito. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. What case? That of the 14-year-old clock-maker assumed to be a potential bomb-making/let’s-err-on-the-side-of-panic terrorist. Perhaps it didn’t help that the youngster had the

Terror Warnings

Armed Americans

Scared? “July 4 terrorist attack on U.S. soil a legitimate threat, officials warn” — headlines the Washington Times. Scared now? Last weekend on Fox News Sunday, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (R-Tx.) expressed his extreme concern that “Syrian and ISIS recruiters can use the Internet at lightning speeds

NSA Hydra

Safety, Savings and Symbolism

How can the U. S. save $2.5 billion a year, reduce the federal workforce by 4,000 hires, and engage in a symbolic act of undoubted patriotism, all at the same time? Get rid of the Department of Homeland Security. Matt A. Mayer, a former DHS employee who claims to have


Political Theatrics

Our suspicions have been proved: the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) doesn’t secure much of anything; it is mere “security theater.” After revelations that TSA screeners failed to find weapons and other deadly contraband in 96 percent of tests, David A. Graham, writing for The Atlantic, asked “what kind of theater

More Civilization

Civilization is a choice, a habit, a line in the . . . sand. For modern, prosperous society to progress, to grow more healthy and wealthy and wise, most of us have to agree on a small set of principles. Mostly, we must agree not to rush to violence at


This week, a major-party politician said that “we cannot let a minority of people — and that’s what it is, a minority of people — hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority.” How can simply having a viewpoint — a very American thing to possess, by the way — terrorize

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