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The Longest War

Is there a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel? President Obama announced, Wednesday, that he would leave more troops in Afghanistan when he exits office than previously planned. Instead of cutting the current troop deployment of 10,000 down to 5,500 soldiers, Obama will now keep 8,400 “in country,”

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Secrecy, Conspiracy, and the Sauds

The U. S. cleaves to some bizarre security standards. That is, about secrecy. Critics have been complaining for years about how “liberal” the federal government is in classifying information as secret. Or, put another way, how stingy the government is in providing us with information. Not liberal at all. This

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Inch, Meet Mile

Give ’em an inch, they will take . . . a continent. When Edward Snowden broke the secrecy of the NSA’s illegal surveillance on innocent Americans, many folks (especially those in government) said the snooping was OK, because it is necessary for our security, and, besides, the collected data would

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Breaking the Safe

As we tromp repeatedly to the polling booth this year, we should wonder: are we being played? The answer: yes . . . at least on the issue of Apple’s iPhone security. I’ve written about this before. Our politicians and government officials are playing demagogue, trying to convert (too successfully?)

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Guantánamo Gestures

It’s a fun word to say: “Guantánamo!” Almost like “Geronimo!” Of course, Guantánamo and Geronimo are nearly opposites. Geronimo was an iconic Native American warrior against the U.S. military. Guantánamo is the famous — or infamous — American military prison located at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. President Obama wants to shut

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Zetabytes and Zombies

Zombie government wants to eat our brains. Did I overstate this on Sunday? Most folks don’t look at the Apple/FBI controversy over digital security quite that starkly. The National Security Administration sure doesn’t see it that way. The NSA is in the “information harvesting business,” says Business Insider. And boy,

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Our Masters’ Malign Agenda

Reacting to terrorism, President Obama’s first thought? Scratch out the Second Amendment and the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of “due process” from the Bill of Rights. Why? To advance his mania for gun control. Now comes Republican front-runner Donald Trump, one-upping the president. He wants to block any Muslim from entering

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Enumerated Wrongs

Will the government soon quarter troops in your home? The Third Amendment prohibits that, sure — but if prominent and powerful Democrats are so anxious to toss out the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution, who’s to say they wouldn’t jettison the Third? Last year, every Democratic U.S. Senator

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The Sanders/Obama/Nye Conjecture

When some of America’s most illustrious public figures — Senator Bernie Sanders, President Barack Obama, and Bill Nye the Science Guy — proclaim global climate change as the “obvious” cause of the rise of ISIS (and recent rounds of terrorism), it’s time to consider: Is it climate change that is

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Deep Thinker Kerry

Comparing Friday’s horrific shootings by Islamist terrorists to the events of last January, one-time presidential candidate John Kerry noted that there is “something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo. . . . There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of — not

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Heroism for Everybody

Liberty is achieved, when it is achieved, at a price. Vigilance. And this isn’t just an inspiring political message. It’s practical advice for extraordinary circumstances. What’s the best thing to do if you meet a mass murderer on a rampage, or a terrorist on his mission? It may not be

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Another Leaf Out of Gov’t’s Playbook

Could government be a suck-hole for intelligence? Could one’s proximity to government reduce one’s IQ? America’s public (read: government) schools too often serve as Wisdom-Free Zones. The Ahmed Mohamed story shocked a lot of people. A kid with a clock was mistaken for a terrorist with a bomb and the

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