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Regressive Europe

Some folks love to compare the U.S. to Europe unfavorably. Not me. Though I’m fine with learning from European states and cultures (hey: I like Switzerland!), I shudder when I hear someone suggest that America should be “more like Europe.” Obviously, I’m not with our current president on this. He

Downs and Ups

We hear more about inequality when times get tough than when the economy is booming. This suggests most people are satisfied with positive growth, but that, when the opposite occurs, some fall back to covetousness and envy. When dissatisfied, we look around for someone to blame. So what’s roadblocking the

Economics vs. Politician-Incurred Debt

For several years now I have worried — here on Common Sense and on Townhall — about the unsustainability of politician-incurred debt. I’ve used the word “unsustainable” quite a few times. But too often I’ve simply called it “government debt.” I think I like “politician-incurred debt” better. For it’s politicians

How to Simulate Stimulation

Historians have noticed something interesting about the Great Depression: The bulk of Roosevelt’s New Deal money and effort wasn’t directed at the hardest-hit states. It was directed at swing states. FDR’s New Deal could thus be seen as a vast re-election drive. Economist Veronique de Rugy, of the Mercatus Center,

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