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One Helluva Policy

Protecting the peace isn’t easy. Sometimes it calls for extraordinary action. Like a recent police assault to capture and kill an outlaw . . . In this case, the targeted outlaw wasn’t really a person at all, but a fawn named Giggles. The baby deer was being illegally held by

They Shoot Deer, Don’t They?

Eight dead sea lions — a water mammal belonging to the taxonomical grouping called pinnipeds, but known to most as “big seals” — were found washed ashore with bullet holes in their carcasses. Sad. Sea lions are interesting if not exactly beautiful mammals. The sentimentalist in me shudders at any

Bitterroot Water Ruling

“Frankly, I’m an Obama guy . . . You hear these sort-of horror stories about the government is gonna take your property, or they’re gonna confiscate your ground, and I always thought it was some sort of libertarian gobbledy-gook. But in this case this is exactly what’s happening.” That was

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