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Those of us who criticize the often-irresponsible actions of the Congress are labeled as “Congress-bashers.”

The label isn’t fair. We want to restore Congress to a citizen legislature, believing it should be the most powerful branch of government, the branch closest to the people.

Note that since 1951 when the president was term-limited, the president has clearly gained power, prestige and authority. Equally noteworthy, during the last 5 decades as congressmen have served longer and longer, Congress as an institution has steadily lost power to the other branches in most cases giving it away willingly. Yes, career politicians fight to protect their personal positions and perks and privileges, but rarely do they lift a finger to protect the institution of Congress and it’s rightful constitutional authority.

In 1995, Congress was confronted with two issues of power. One was the Line-Item Veto. The other term limits. The Line-Item Veto was about Congress’ power relative to the executive branch. Term limits about their individual power. Congressional leaders took a dive on term limits, while doing everything in their power to pass the Line-Item Veto. Even though it gave the President significant power over the Congress, the Line-Item Veto meant Congress could blame the President and escape responsibility for wasteful spending.

A Congress of career politicians has proven to be gutless, unwilling to fulfill its responsibilities under the Constitution. The professional politicians are the real “Congress-bashers” and it’s time we put a stop to them.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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