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There is a benefit to experience. And that’s why we don’t need experienced politicians. Confused? Don’t be, it’s simple.

We need representatives who are experienced in the real world, not in politics. One of the hottest issues today is healthcare and HMOs. Many people can tell you horror stories about bad decisions made by HMOs and about the problems facing our healthcare providers as well as patients. Many of the problems have been caused, not by the healthcare industry or doctors; they’ve been caused by politicians who try to dictate solutions from Washington for problems they don’t know anything about.

Yet, this may change. A headline in The Washington Post says “GOP Doctors in the House Put Patients Before Party.”

Representatives Tom Coburn and Greg Ganske are medical doctors and both have pledged to limit their time in Congress. Coburn will leave after this term. Ganske will leave in 2004. Coburn and Ganske are citizen legislators who put their public trust first ahead of a political career. They have the guts to battle their colleagues in order to do what’s right for the people.

Whether Washington politicians have any business legislating about the relationship between a doctor and a patient is a darn good question. But like it or not, the politicians are legislating in the healthcare field. At least we can be thankful there are congressmen who aren’t professional politicians. They have real world experience.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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