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Recently there was a congressional hearing on why the White House failed to honor a subpoena to turn over e-mail messages pertaining to one of the numerous Clinton scandals we’re supposed to keep up with. Considering the Administration’s deep and heartfelt commitment to the rule of law, one would expect them to abide by a court order to produce these e-mails.

But at the hearing, White House attorney Cheryl Mills wailed that holding the hearings does not feed one hungry child, or help one family to get healthcare, or help one person get job training, or . . . Well, you get the point: Something like “Yesterday’s gone. Let’s think about tomorrow.” Any recently arrested mugger would happily echo this sentiment. “Forget about me and my crime . . . what about the widows and orphans?”

Meanwhile, recent audits of the Medicare program have found billions of dollars misspent. Audits of other government programs show the same widespread failure to get money to the people these programs are designed to help.

And recently, the Department of Housing and Urban Development shelled out $2.8 million of our tax dollars to help people in Washington, D.C. get job training and start businesses. Problem is the money is all gone and the program didn’t provide any real benefit to the poor. Instead, well-connected consultants made off like bandits, while HUD was asleep at the switch. What else is new?

We may not be feeding the children, as Cheryl Mills complains; but we sure are feeding the crooked consultants. But that’s all in the past right?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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