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No one seems to stick up for the average person anymore. Maybe that’s because like the residents of mythical Lake Wobegon, we all view ourselves as above average.

Recently, a commentator wondered what it might take to get Joe Six-Pack off the couch and to the polls this November. Well, I have news for him. The average person is working, not lying on the couch. Joe Six-Pack is busy taking care of his own life working, taking the kids places, volunteering in the community.

Why should he take time out of his busy day to vote if there isn’t any real choice? If once in office, the politicians won’t listen anyway? Joe Six-Pack is getting a raw deal by the powers that be.

A Pew Research study found that less than a third of Congressmen “think the American public knows enough about the issues . . . to form wise opinions about what should be done.” Among presidential appointees and senior civil servants (bureaucrats) less than 15 percent give the people any credit for their opinions on the issues.

Frankly, most of our leaders don’t think they should pay us any mind oh, except when it comes time to collect taxes. Then we certainly count. The political elite would do well to stop dumping on Joe Six-Pack and start listening. Joe is not only smarter than they think; but he also pays the bills.

And given a chance to make a difference, he’ll be at the polls all right. As the career politician’s worst nightmare.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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