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Governor Gray Davis of California just wants California taxpayers to know what a swell guy he is. So he’s going to send them back some of their own money. But first, he has to collect it from them.

Why collect taxes just to send them back to the taxpayers? Why not simply cut the car registration fee and stop overcharging taxpayers in the first place? Well, the governor’s answer was, “People don’t appreciate the fact that they’re getting a rebate unless they see it in their hands.”

Aw shucks, the taxpayers need to be a little appreciative. As The Los Angeles Times points out, “He’ll get to send along with the checks a personal message. It won’t quite say, ‘Who loves you, baby?’ but it will be close.”

Beyond the incredibly self-serving nature of this new, lucrative incumbent advantage is the cost. To process the rebate checks, rather than simply cut the tax, costs taxpayers at least $22 million dollars a year. Some estimates, which include the interest taxpayers lose on their money, push the cost to over $40 million.

Politicians using not only their public position to campaign for reelection, but our tax dollars millions of them! Glad you don’t pay taxes in California? The same thing happens all over the country. But you’ll never hear career politicians agree to stop using our tax dollars to run their reelection campaigns. It’s government of the politicians, by the politicians, and for the politicians.

Who loves you, baby?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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