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In the wake of a terrible blow for his city, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has been a true leader under incredibly difficult circumstances. But he’s making at least one mistake. Some people are so grateful to Mr. Giuliani that they’ve been urging him to find some way to keep his job, even though he is scheduled under term limits to step down soon.

At first, Mayor Giuliani said we shouldn’t let the terrorists win by allowing their attack to disrupt our democracy. Then he said, well, let me think about it. Now he suggests that either his current term be extended or he be allowed to serve a whole additional third term. You don’t have to be a staffer of U.S. Term Limits to be dismayed by this change of heart. Other friends of democracy also recognize the danger here.

For example, the New York Times observes: “Neither New York City nor the nation has ever postponed the transfer of power because the public was convinced it could not get along without the current incumbent.”

The Times goes on to say that, “the very concept goes against the most basic of American convictions, that we live in a nation governed by the rule of law. To suggest that the city would be incapable of getting along without Mr. Giuliani after the end of the year undermines New York’s sense of self-sufficiency and normality, which the mayor himself has worked so hard to restore. While Mr. Giuliani has been a great leader during this crisis, the truth is that no one is indispensable.” Close quote. And time’s up!

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