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I think I’ve found an approach we can all live with.

I’ve caught flak lately for suggesting that maybe an individual’s rights are relevant to how we should deal with persons suspected of terrorism or of knowing a terrorist or saying hello to a terrorist.

These are dangerous times, granted. So dangerous that some people believe we dare not pause to check whether there’s any actual evidence of nefarious dealings before locking people away. Let’s not be too dainty when everybody’s life is on the line, is the feeling.

Of course, that feeling might change just a little if the feds come knocking on OUR door. And while we’re detaining and investigating people for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, who knows . . . ? Maybe we’re wasting investigative resources that could be spent on more substantial leads.

Even some former FBI officials are raising a red flag about how the U.S. is going about things now. In any case, I’ve found a compromise that I’m sure will please all parties.

It’s from a fan who writes that maybe we should just, quote, “strap the occasional suspect into a chair in the Capitol Building and make him sit through an Appropriations Committee mark-up. The sound of the hogs feeding at the trough of government revenues is almost certain to drive the a truly guilty party to confession, contrition, and repentance.”

This could work. The very idea of having to witness this kind of activity makes me want to confess, and I ain’t done nothin’. I swear.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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