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One of my favorite writers is the economist and social thinker Thomas Sowell. Sowell is a professor, but hey, he can think straight. So he’s one of those weird hybrids. One thing I like about him is his stand on term limits. Sowell is in favor. I guess it helps that he lives out in California, where everything is done in a big way, including the screw-ups of career politicians.

Recently the good doctor took on one of the weaker arguments career politicians like to hurl at us. You know, that crock about how career politicians are so super-experienced that we can’t possibly let ’em ever ride off into the sunset. I’ve bashed this notion so often myself that I’m starting to get tennis elbow. So I’m happy to turn the floor over to Sowell.  In a recent column talking about the politics of the Davis recall effort, Sowell says that “the old ‘lack of experience’ game that politicians like to play against any newcomer doesn’t have quite as much weight any more, when you see what a monumental mess the experienced, lifelong politicians like Governor Gray Davis have made.

There could even be a lesson here for people in other states. “When politicians talk about being ‘experienced,’ the question should be asked: Experienced in doing what? In deceiving the public? Evading responsibility? Claiming credit for what happens that is good and blaming others for whatever happens that is bad? Experience in spin or smoke and mirrors?” Dr. Sowell, you took the words right out of my mouth.

This is Common Sense.  I’m Paul Jacob.

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