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After the raid on their religious “compound,” one of the Texas mothers being forcibly bussed away from their children held up a sign.

It said: “SOS. Mothers separated. Help.” Another mom yelled, “We’re being kidnapped.”

The nightmare started with a call to Texas child-protective services by a 16-year-old girl claiming to be a victim of physical and sexual abuse at the FLDS “compound.” (FLDS is the acronym for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)

It now appears that the call was a hoax. But because of this call, 462 children were removed the ranch. Many of the moms were allowed to stay with their kids temporarily, then forcibly separated.

Based on what evidence? This question should bother us all.

Yes, I know: It’s polygamy. It’s weird. But at issue is not polygamy, but this: FLDS members have been accused of abusing juveniles in the past.

What to do? Investigate. If true, prosecute.

What NOT to do? Round up people like cattle because somebody or other in the large group MIGHT be doing something criminal. If that’s reasonable, then as soon as a neighbor looks at you or me cross-eyed — or makes an anonymous phone call — the police could raid OUR homes, grab OUR kids.

That’s not American justice, is it?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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