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Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon is disappointed by the most recent objectionable conduct of his state’s attorney general.

The AG, Drew Edmondson, publicly opposes a bill to term-limit the offices of state officials, including his. The proposal would impose a twelve-year maximum. Mild as far as term limits go, but it still triggers all the alarm bells if you are part of a family dynasty of career politicians.

Senator Brogdon, a supporter of the bill, notes that Attorney General Edmondson typically declines to comment publicly on pending legislation. So it’s “very disappointing” to him that Edmondson is now ignoring that practice.

As for me, I can’t say I’m seriously “disappointed.’ We’re disappointed by LAPSES in character, aren’t we? Not so much when persons with known character flaws – in this case, chronic contempt for democracy, the rule of law, the rights of the innocent – behave just as we expect.

Edmondson, after all, is currently trying to imprison me and two other honorable supporters of citizen initiative rights for our work on a 2005 initiative in Oklahoma. On fictional grounds. (See for details.) So it’s not like Edmonson has swerved from the straight and narrow. And I’m not exactly spitting up hot coffee.

Maybe I’m nitpicking. It’s always disappointing when power-grabbing incumbents act like power-grabbing incumbents. Would be nice if they changed their stripes. Most never will.

Which is why we need term limits.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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