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Are all consequences of unconstitutional gun control created equal?

Suppose a town makes it tough or impossible for the average citizen to obtain firearms to protect himself. Does it follow that only the police there possess firearms?

Of course not. We all know that, somehow, persons willing to commit violent crimes for a living are also willing to bear arms – illegally. Despite gun control, both cops and robbers are totin’.

Who else exercises Second Amendment rights in the gun-free zones? Oh, people with special pull. The people who impose the gun control laws, the politicians themselves.

Chicago resident John Kass has penned an informative piece about this in the Chicago Tribune. Kass observes that in the windy city, where guns are banned, politicians often go around surrounded by armed bodyguards. Chicago taxpayers get to pay for these, of course.

Or the politicians carry arms themselves. One way they get around gun control is to use their connections to arrange for someone to make them deputized peace officers. These deputized politicians don’t actually run around fighting crime. It’s just a ruse.

But what about the honest Chicagoan who lives in a bad neighborhood? With no special connections to help him get around the gun ban? He can get thrown in jail if he’s discovered with a firearm.

There’s only one way to make this right. Shoot down gun control.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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