Letting Citizens Vote


Congressman Randy Kuhl has the right idea. Or half of it.

His notion is to let constituents help him choose the bill he will introduce in the Congress this fall. It’s part of what he calls the “Fix Washington” Project. Most people think Washington is broken. So Congressman Kuhl wants constituents to tell him how it might be fixed.

Voters in his district were invited to submit their suggestions for legislation that might put DC back together again. He received four hundred suggestions. Of these, he picked five for everybody to vote on. Some of the proposals make me think that my idea of fixing Washington isn’t always the same as other people’s idea of fixing Washington. But I like number five: term limit the Congress.

The proposed term limits are kind of weak, capping the tenure of both senators and House members at twelve years. And I doubt such a bill would get past square one with this Congress. But sure, let’s go for it. At this moment, the winning proposal hasn’t been announced. But I’m rooting for term limits.

I’m also rooting for a way to give all voters a chance to propose and even pass laws statewide, locally, nationally. Twenty-four states have the right of citizen initiative, which enables voters to end-run the stonewalling of their sometime representatives. Let’s make that possible everywhere.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Sep
    seth hubbard

    sounds good
    bring the power back to the PEOPLE… where it belongs.
    and fix washington ( kind of like humpty dumpty ). LOL…

  2. Sep
    Charles Holtzback

    I agree the term limit suggestion is weak. I have long espoused a one term and get the hell out limit.
    The longer they stay in Washington the more corrupt they become.

  3. Sep

    “give all voters a chance to propose and even pass laws statewide, locally, nationally.”

    I can’t believe what I’m reading and that PJ is in favor of it. Such an initiative is more likely to result in a few hundred thousand mini countries instead of one. Haven’t you ever heard of the law of unintended consequences?

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