Real Change at the Ballot Box


It’s time to face the fact: We don’t have much say-so in Washington. Take the bailout plan. Please. Though much opposed by the public, politicians insisted on passing something nonetheless. So they did, over outpourings of popular opposition.

And if you think your vote for president will change something, remember: Both major party candidates supported the bailout. And both are heading campaigns run by the same old insiders.

My advice? Get involved closer to home. State and local voters will get the opportunity to make a change this November — not by electing some a politician who will betray them, but by passing or rejecting proposed laws directly.

In Washington State, for example, voters can un-jam traffic with I-985. The initiative is a common-sense measure requiring that traffic lights be synchronized and a higher percentage of current funding be spent to ease congestion.

In South Dakota, voters can prevent the abuse of public money by passing Initiated Measure 10, which stops government funded associations from using tax dollars to further their own political agenda. The measure is being opposed by — you guessed it — government-funded associations.

North Dakotans get a chance to decide Measure 2, a 15 percent cut in corporate income taxes and a 50 percent cut in the personal income tax.

There are, of course, plenty of measures on the ballot with which I don’t agree. But even then, better the people deciding than career politicians.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Oct
    seth hubbard

    WOW…. the people get to make decisions, that is incredible…
    somewhere out there the blood of America still flows.

  2. Oct
    Mark Read Pickens

    Speaking as a professional petition circulator, I agree that while “the people should decide” whether or not to expand other people’s liberty, they should not be allowed to vote on whether or not to take other people’s liberty. Of course, the same goes for the legislature.

    There’s a typo in paragraph three. “…electing some a politician…”

  3. Oct

    Washington State Inititaive I-409
    This measure would require state and local government agencies to cooperate with the federal government in enforcing immigration laws. Employers would be required to verify immigration status of employees, subject to penalty. It would require verification of immigration status of applicants for some state, local and federal public benefits. Nonprofit organizations would be prohibited from offering employment services without proof of immigration status. Issuance of driver’s licenses would be prohibited without proof of immigration status. For more information contact:

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