Shocker: Criminal Web Links!


Aliens take over government! Soviets control U.S. weather! Ancient Mayan temple has Sandisk flash drive!

If you’ve ever been to a supermarket, you’ve seen these and other ludicrous mile-high headlines blaring from the newsstands.

Here’s another impossible headline that might issue from the pen of any zany, unscrupulous tabloid fabulist: BLOGGER TREATED AS CRIMINAL FOR POSTING WEB LINK TO CITY AGENCY!

Not a concoction, I’m afraid. The city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, did indeed harass a blogger named Jennifer Reisinger for linking to the website of the city police department. No alleged libel, alleged copyright violation, or other alleged crime. Ms. Reisinger and her lawyer believe the threat was retaliation for her role in trying to recall the Sheboygan mayor, Juan Perez.

Intimidated by the unprecedented cease-and-desist order she received from the city attorney, Reisinger at first removed the link. But then, after being threatened with a criminal investigation for her dastardly providing of information, she hired a lawyer. The lawyer advised her to restore the Web link, which she did. The mayor’s office dropped its threat, but Reisinger is suing anyway.

Mayor Perez and his henchmen deserve to be stomped in court — if only to pre-empt similar stupidity and contempt for First Amendment rights by other vindictive politicians.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Oct

    So the story here is a lady did the right thing & a vindictive politician took after her.
    Why should we expect anything else? After all, elected officials are in charge. Under the ideals of a socialist state, it is our obligation to obey the state & to do for the state.
    This fiasco is brought to you by a city in Wisconsin. Now, image how much fun its going to be with an Obama administration!?!
    Obama’s crowd is already suing people to silence voices that speak on issues they disagree with. Issues Obama’s people find offensive are reported to the Justice Department for investigation & possible prosecution. Organizations are prodded by activist supporters of Obama to deny access to the public via radio or the print media, because the speaker is talking about issues the Obama supporters do not want aired to the public.
    Public “officials” in Missouri have put people on notice they will be monitoring advertisements about Obama & if they see any
    “they consider’ to be false or misleading, they will “prosecute the offenders.”
    Gosh, ain’t socialism fun?!?
    The ladies story from Wisconsin may turn out to be one of the milder stories after Obama gets into office & he gets to have federal bureaucrats to act according to his idea’s of what is “fair & balanced.” This is especially true since Obama, like Al Gore & others from the Democrat party & its activist connections, already think “balanced reporting is creating a bias to their ability to convey the message they want the people to hear.”
    The translation I see to that concoction is “if you present an opposing viewpoint to what “I” want, it may slow down or even cause people to not support what I want done, so, I do not want any opposing views to be presented.”
    In the America I grew up in & learned about from our founding documents, thats called censorship or the suppression of free speech. I have a sinking feeling under an Obama administration, we will see a lot more of this despotic tactic, so opposition to “the state” can be suppressed under the guise of law & under the false premise that opposing views create unacceptable opposition to “what the state & its leaders or special interest influencer’s have decided is best for us.”
    Sounds like fun, huh?!?

  2. Jan
    Criminal Records

    This article is mayhem. Aliens…really?

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