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Far left groups like the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center cry “fraud” whenever conservative groups make any mistakes in petition or voter registration drives. In fact, they scream “fraud” even when there aren’t mistakes made.

Funny, then, that I haven’t heard a peep from these creeps concerning the serious fraud allegations leveled at ACORN.

ACORN — that’s the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now — has deluged election officials all across the country with hundreds of thousands of fictitious voter registrations. In one state, the group knowingly hired convicts to register new voters.

The FBI is now looking into the group.

Even before these fraud allegations hit the national news, several outfits were highlighting ACORN’s conduct.

Just recently, Americans for Limited Government began a nationwide campaign,, to demand investigation into the group’s wrongdoing. has launched the Voter Integrity Project, which chronicles voter fraud, including ACORN’s activities.

Of course, ACORN isn’t limited to election-related shenanigans. The group also has a long track record of helping politicians bully banks into handing out high-risk, so-called “affirmative action” mortgage loans. Which, thanks a lot, helped bring us the housing crisis.

You might also be interested to learn that ACORN does it all on your nickel. About 40 percent of ACORN’s funding comes from taxpayers.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. William P. McMillen says:


    I’m sure your aware of some of names that have appeared on Libertarian petitions. From time to time in our zeal to get signatures, we give the task to people whose motivations cause them to sacrifice integrity. “We shouldn’t have to do this.” becomes a reason to not do so honestly. “How much per signature?” becomes an incentive to fill the sheets.

    The explanation that ACORN has provided I am well aware of. I’ve heard libertarians suggest that our own registration drives could consider disgarding certain registrations. I quickly spoke up about the impropriety and the illegallity of doing so.

    On the other hand, in a situation similar to the one ACORN officials have described; my instinct would have been to throw away the obvious frauds like Mickey Mouse or those written in the same handwritting and admonished the person who submitted them. I would probably be get in trouble for doing so.

    I don’t give any money to petition drives because I have not seen adequate oversight of and integrity applied to the process. I hold back my financial assistance to the actual campaign.

    I enjoy your articles, but I do find many of them to be one-sided. Oh, yes that’s the intent.

    Your friend and ally

    Bill McMillen

  2. Anthony J. Alberta says:

    I’ve reviewed the links you post here and found no allegations of voter fraud, but only evidence that some of the names they turn in are not correct. What those of the left often complain about are active efforts to keep voters from the pols, a much more serious problem. I fail to see the common sense here.

  3. seth hubbard says:

    ACORN is a bad bad group of people…….
    they are responsible for some ill shit.
    I would compare them to other organizations like the trilateral commission.
    And all of you people sticking up for ACORN need to WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dennis Weber says:

    The Constitution says that the election will be on the first Tuesday in November. Why is ACORN allowed to ignore the Constitution. The ACORN votes have been counted and the media are telling us that the Democrats are way ahead. Does our government not have the sense to expect the Constitution be followed?

    In less than 50 years the American Constitution will be a dead letter and the United States of America will have ceased to exist, as we know it. The Constitution has already been ignored in many ways. A Declarations of War is the sole function of Congress but since WWII there have been NO declarations of war by any Congress, in spite of the fact that America has fought Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, both Gulf Wars and the Balkans. Congress has only to exercise its Constitutional power but it refuses to do its responsibility to declare war or to stop a war because it is too “controversial”. The Constitution states that national elections are to be held on the first Tuesday in November. This 2008 election has, the Democrats and many Liberal organizations ALREADY VOTING IN THIS ELECTION!!. Congress and the Federal Government do nothing to stop or to invalidate the votes. Now, the EPA, an unelected, appointed part of government, is making laws and threats with the stated future approval of an Obama presidency. The Constitution assigns the responsibility of protecting the borders of America to Congress. The alien immigrant invasion has not been stopped by our government. Voters have already lost control of our government and the powers that be will not allow us to get them back without a fight, possibly a revolution.
    Sixty of the 100 U.S. Senators are Lawyers, the Supreme Court [of course] are all lawyers.
    The Senate’s distribution of lawyers follows:
    Alabama——-2 Indiana———-1 Nebraska———-1 Tennessee—-1
    Alaska———2 Iowa————-1 Nevada————1 Texas———2
    Arizona——–1 Kansas———-1 NewHampshire—1 Utah———-1
    Arkansas——1 Kentucky——-1 N. York———-2 Vermont——1
    California–—0 Louisiana——–1 N.. Carolina—–1 Virginia——-2
    Colorado—– 1 Maine————0 N. Dakota——-0 Washington–0
    Connecticut–2 Maryland———1 Ohio————–1 W. Virginia—1
    Delaware—–1 Massachusetts—2 Oklahoma——–0 Wisconsin—-1
    Florida——–2 Michigan——–1 Oregon————2 Wyoming—–0
    Georgia——-1 Minnesota——-2 Pennsylvania—-2
    Hawaii——–1 Mississippi——2 Rhode Island—-2
    Idaho———-1 Missouri———2 S. Carolina——1
    Illinois——–2 Montana———1 S. Dakota——–1 Total = 60 lawyers

    Only 6 of the states have no lawyers in the Senate.
    In an Obama Administration, both President and Vice President are lawyers. Thirty seven percent of the House of Rep. are lawyers. The Washington Times publishes Capital Contacts which gives the training of all elected officials in the Federal Government. Thus, three of the branches of Government are or will be 100 percent lawyers with the House tending in that direction. We are not a nation of laws and legislation. We are a nation of lawyers and litigation.

  5. Rubicon says:

    The FBI & the Federal Elections Commission have investigated allegations of voter suppression. To date, few allegations have been found to have any merit, & those that do are mistakes rather than actual efforts to suppress. The Florida police blocking streets so poor blacks could not get to the polls was pushed in 2004. Yet when numerous investigators went out, they could find no one, not even the supposedly oppressed, to confirm there were any road blocks at all. One guy actually got a ride to the polls by a local cop who he knew, so he could vote for, John Kerry!
    ACORN’s activities, and the extreme number of proven frauds investigated & prosecuted, for the past ten to twenty years, shows a pattern. This is a RICO issue. ACORN has shown a consistent involvement with “rogue” employees, who were trained by ACORN just before the employees went out to obtain registrations.
    The shear number of fraudulent registrations indicates a pattern of activity that justifies one suspecting a criminal conspiracy to register voters who are ineligible for numerous reasons, to include being dead. No building where registrants claim to live, more than one registration for the same person, strange registrations like Mickey Mouse or the entire Dallas Texas Cowboys football team, in Nevada.
    Attempting to push voter suppression rather than look at actual fraud, is an attempt to deflect attention away from where the real crimes are happening.
    Even if Obama is elected, this time we plan to make sure future voting is done ONLY by actual legal citizens, eligible to vote, and who have proper ID when they go to cast a vote.
    Its not too much to ask citizens to have proper ID to vote. If its is, then one is admitting they want to have bogus elections so they can falsely elect those corrupted politicians they favor.
    ALL politicians have corrupted the process. But those who seek to abuse the system in their favor using fraud, are more dangerous than the other guys!

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