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Advocates of limited government have lamented the decline and fall of the 1994 Republican “revolution” since, well, not long after the so-called revolution began. But before it melted into a puddle of politics-as-usual, there were some serious efforts at reform.

One procedural reform that survived was term limits on committee chairmen. The Democratic leadership, after gaining a majority in 2006, decided to keep these limits.

But now, with their majority increased, a Democrat headed to the White House, and economic collapse as a distraction, they apparently feel the time has become as ripe as a freckled banana to peel away such impediments to their rule. The scuttling of committee chair limits is now part of their new rules package.

The package also limits the ability of Republicans to force votes on bills that would be politically difficult for Democrats to vote on. Sheesh, I thought voting on stuff was the whole idea.

The minority Republicans have sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi, complaining, “This is not the kind of openness and transparency that President-elect Obama promised.”

But they shouldn’t stop there, even if the new rules are implemented over their protest. In politics, it often pays to keep fighting.

Term limits remain very popular with the many of the same voters who also like the openness and accountability the new president keeps talking about.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Timothy James Maki says:


    Sometimes you are right on, sometimes I wonder what you are thinking.

    Term limits are a dream that will never happen.

    I lived and voted in the 5th Congressional District when Mr. Foley lost to Geo Nethercutt. Geo ran on a “term limits” platform. Soon after elected Geo realized that term limits won’t work. So much for Geo moving on, he stayed long enough to earn his “retirement” from congress. Then he was gone. What a joke.

    And by the way…. oh sure the demos are going to lay down and let the repub minority run the country under the guise of “you said we would all have a voice”. Are you kidding? That is not Common Sense. The demos are not going to do that anymore than the repubs are going to let the minority demos run everything when the repubs are in the White House.

    Paul, get back to Common Sense, not an agenda.


  2. Prudent Man, CFA says:

    If this isn’t the time for Congressional Term Limits there never will be. Just because the Democrats will fight it means nothing to me. They tried to fight it in Palm Beach County as well as the Florida Legislature, not exactly conservative strongholds and the opponents of term limits lost.

    The main stream media raves about Bush’s low ratings but are virtually silent on the fact the Congress’ is lower and will be even lower this year.

    Of course incumbents are against, but that has been the case in most of the states that have term limits, but a large, vocal taxpayer movement will bring about the necessary Congressional Term Limits to help reduce the political corruption in this country. Mention Congress and you get nothing but frustration and despair. If one gives up on this they don’t have a right to complain.


    If we want term limits and other restrictions on our Elected officials to make sure that they are working for us, we must put petitions on the ballots in all the states. That is our right according to the Constitution.

    Petition #1. Term Limits, one Six year term for Senators, Three two year terms for Congress, Two four year terms for President and Governors and those already restricted to a maximum of 8 years.

    Petition #2. Audit all Elected/Appointed officials and their Special Interests who have benefited with government contracts to assure the taxpayers that they are not paying for a higher contract.

    Petition #3. No house arrest for White Collar crimes such a Madoff. They are no better than any other criminal suspect.


  4. Paul Jacob says:

    Tim is correct that George Nethercutt was an untrustworthy career politician wannabe. But that’s simply why we need MANDATORY term limits.

    Yet, Tim didn’t get to tell the complete story of Mr. Nethercutt. Nethercutt, after breaking his word on self-imposed term limits, did win re-election to the House mis-representing Washington’s 5th district. But he lost his compass and his popularity in doing so. When he ran for the US Senate a cycle later, he was drubbed mercilessly. Somehow this once-popular man created zero public interest. Go figure.

    The public loves term limits for all the reasons that freedom-loving people from Aristotle on have loved term limits: power must be limited. Is it likely to happen soon? No, because our government is out of control. But that doesn’t mean ‘We the People’ should stop talking about it and agitating for it.

    Restoring the Republic won’t happen in a day. Nor can we simply go for what today seems achievable. I’m going to keep pushing. Viva la term limits!

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