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Our rule-makers can’t follow their own rules. President Obama sets a new standard, forbidding lobbyists from being hired on in the White House. Then he promptly gives himself a waiver because, lo and behold, he just needs a certain lobbyist.

When politicians stand on principle, it’s usually so that principle can’t get up.

We have a Treasury secretary, one Timothy Geitner, who didn’t pay his taxes . . . well, not until he was picked to be Treasury secretary. A Washington Post headline called Geitner “too big to fail”; the U.S. Senate confirmed him.

Then there’s Roland Burris, the new U.S. Senator from Illinois. He now admits that he didn’t tell “the whole truth” when he testified before the Illinois House panel trying to impeach then-Governor Rod Blagojevich. Of course, Burris continues to deny what he is admitting.

Burris had been asked directly about being blagojeviched to raise money to get his seat in the U.S. Senate. But Burris said nothing at the time about being asked by the governor’s brother to raise funds. Burris also conveniently forgot to mention that he, in fact, had tried to raise money for the governor. Unsuccessfully.

Burris needs to go, and he’s far from alone. Think of Charles Rangel’s wrangled perks, his tax problems, his network of rent-controlled apartments.

Instead, all these masterminds will stay in power, allegedly to “fix” our economy.

But they’re the ones in need of “fixing.”

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  2. The problem, as I see it, is that the majority of us (Americans) don’t have common sense. We keep electing these crooks. A friend of mine used to work in state goverment. When asked for an appraisal of some newly elected legislators, her reply was less than favorable. Her boss then replied: “We elected them, now we have to live with them, at least untill the next election.

  3. Rubicon says:

    Its not that we keep electing them. They seem to change totally once they get inside the beltway & under the influence of the influence peddlers. Those “special interest” groups who suspiciously have more influence than the people have.
    Did anyone “really” think we were going to get anything different from a guy who has been raised to a level of adoration by the media & influence peddlers, that some have even compared to Jesus himself?
    The mess we have, just a few short weeks since inauguration, foretells a future of serious conflict & of great distress.
    The people really are awakening. Too many stayed away from this election to punish Republicans. Now, they seriously regret than & now, based on the despicable actions being taken, many are speaking out loud how now is the time to effect the change we have known for some time, was going to be necessary to make sure this great nation lives on.

  4. Standing on Principle”…

    WHAT principle? Obama has none. Paul Jacob says, “When Democrats ‘stand on principle” is, so that principle can’t stand up.” I LOVE that. He’s almost as good at “zingers” as is Ann Coulter (though she…

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