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At the recent World Economic Forum, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned of our government’s flirtations with socialism, that is, a state-run economy.

Trying not to “gloat,” Putin told the U.S. that “Excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence” is a “mistake.” He reminded listeners that state control of the old Soviet economy made the nation “totally uncompetitive.”

Putin then lectured us not to “turn a blind eye to the spirit of free enterprise.”

But why isn’t Putin lecturing Venezuela? That Latin American state’s president, Hugo Chavez, is a classic strong-arm socialist, marshaling the power of the state, as well as gangs of supporters, to threaten and intimidate his political opponents.

As with any wannabe dictator, Chavez has sought to dismantle term limits. Just 14 months ago, voters rejected his first attempt. But Chavez, having consolidated his hold on the media and other institutions, came right back with another vote to end the limits. This time he won. He can now serve for life.

Only in South America? No. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently voided his own term limits. And he didn’t even bother to allow a public vote on the issue. So, who’s the more anti-democratic, Chavez or Bloomberg?

When foreign tin-horn dictators start making as much or more sense than our own politicians, well . . . it’s long past time for us citizens to make serious changes.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. s. ridgway says:

    let’s trade obama for putin

  2. SmarterDeals says:

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  3. richard scow says:

    Is a new revolution on the horizon? Really though, is it time for Americans to overhaul our political system? I don’t want to sound like an extremist or a waco from Waco but things are getting out of hand. The government has grown so large and vast and so screwed up it is hard to know where to begin. Can we do it without violence by starting an impeachment movement for all of the political idiots that have supported and voted for the stimulus package? Or do we have to do it by force? The government is a steward for we the people. It is NOT a seperate entity with unlimited power. We have the right and duty as americans to take back our country and place the american people first! I would gladly pledge my life to support a reborn america as did the original twelve signers of the Declaration of Independence, would you?

  4. Ben Benson says:

    Yes I would. Our government is out of hand. Our national debt will be the end of USA as we used to know it. Please listen to Phil Donahue if you get a chance–he is the other side of the coin. Pres Obama made a big mistake when he tried to silence this guy by saying :Don`t Listen to Donahue. He is the voice of the silent majority. Ben

  5. Rubicon says:

    In all my years, I have heard many people discuss why we should do away w/ our government, & install a new one. However, over the past three years those calls for us to exercise that right have become louder & there are significantly more of them.
    The very idea scares me. The idea we can & will continue on our current path, frightens me even more.
    Today, the public can rally & insist the government not do something, yet after all the hype & media telling us how nasty we are & how we don’t care about others, that same government just goes right ahead & does what the people have said no to!
    The next real tests are amnesty for illegal aliens, the “Fairness Doctrine,” internet control, & believe it or not, union “card check.”
    The public does NOT want these things. Yet Congress & the admin. seem hell-bent on passing them.
    Perhaps Congress & this president will provide the impetus for the change so many have called for over the years & recently?
    God help us!

  6. Bob H says:

    I wish I could believe Mr, O. is not a full fledged Socialist (same
    as Communist, for all intents).
    However, I believe he is also a (Sharia Law) Islamist, which compounds the problem. Remember the two terms are not incompatible, nor
    irreconciable. Dominance is the goal of both ideas along with subjugation of the populace. And,..
    the ends justify the means with both systems.

    I believe our way of life is most
    seriously at risk, and if more people do not wake up quickly our
    freedom will be permanently lost.

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