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What if you were profiled by the police as a terrorist simply because of your political beliefs?

A new report entitled “The Modern Militia Movement,” prepared for law enforcement agencies by the Missouri Information Analysis Center, threatens just that.

The report doesn’t detail any current criminal activity in Missouri. It does suggest to police, however, that anyone opposing government bailouts, abortion, or the Federal Reserve is a potential militia member, possibly a terrorist, or both.

The report tells police how to recognize militia members. Look for literature that is “derogatory” toward the IRS, ATF, the CIA, and the like. And look also for people who support minor party presidential candidates, or one sitting Republican congressman.

Tim Neal told the Associated Press that he has become nervous about his Ron Paul bumpersticker. Hearing a litany of the tell-tale signs that a person is in a militia, he said he “was going down the list and thinking, ‘Check, that’s me.'”

Remember, it’s perfectly legal — and peaceful — to wear fatigues.

It is also legal to train, military-style, on private property. So is paintball. And both probably qualify as good preparation for all sorts of emergencies.

Governments focusing investigations and gathering “intelligence” on citizens on the basis of peaceful, perfectly legal political viewpoints is far more dangerous. And that’s happening right now in the Show-Me state.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Refering to the 2nd Ammendment, the entire body of American people make up the militia. It is the citizen’s army and is vital to keep the government accountable. That is why it was written into the bill of rights. Either we wake up and keep the branch of government that issued this violation of rights, or we’re all going to jail!

  2. Matthew says:

    Refering to the 2nd Ammendment, the entire body of American people make up the militia. It is the citizen’s army and is vital to keep the government accountable. That is why it was written into the bill of rights. Either we wake up and keep the branch of government that issued this violation of rights accountable, or we’re all going to jail!

  3. Paul VZ says:

    You know, what these people are doing is stupid and unproductive, but they can “profile” me all they want, as long as they don’t interfere with my legal enjoyment of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I really don’t care if they want to waste their time compiling information about me.

  4. Lear's Fool says:

    Most people won’t agree with your warning, Mr. Jacob, because most people lack the knowledge and wisdom to look down a road and see where it leads. They steer according to the scenery, not the destination.

  5. Glenn Neal says:

    Why does the government target peaceful American citizens with “Ron Paul” bumpers stickers but do little about the known Islamic terrorist training camps in America?

    If Islam is given a bye because it has religious affiliations, what does that do the the Separation of Church and State persecutions of Christians?

  6. John says:

    Sounds like a back door attempt by liberals to intimidate anyone who isn’t a liberal.

  7. Rubicon says:

    This flyer issued by a state agency, represents what many call a “Saul Alinsky” style political activism. Basically, Alinsky & other liberals use the portray your enemy as the enemy. In this fashion, they get to make conservatives, Republicans, & even Christians, look like terrorists & other radicals.
    Yet the “real” radicals, are the very people sending out the flyer’s, using taxpayer dollars to warn all about… taxpayers! because the very people they are attacking, and they are attacks, are the very people who have been paying taxes, fighting for their country in the military, & doing all the other typical American activities.
    But the left wants all to think of typical patriots, as the enemy. We had better be watching out because what they are doing is trying to pit us all against one another in their efforts to create crisis so they can grab power over all of us!

  8. Timothy James Maki says:

    Anybody ever heard of the 1st Amendment?

    Oh, that’s right. Paul you have.

    The funny thing here is that the 1st Amendment is usually spouted when someone wants to talk trash against their neighbor.

    But as you well know it is about speaking about the government or to the government.

    The day that right is considered a terrorist act is the day we are no longer “Land of the Free”.

    Actually we will cease to be the United States of America. Unless by name only.

  9. migtex1234 says:

    Voters ignored all the information about this o & his “friends”, “his connections”, “his leftist record”, “his abuse of US & wife’s comments” & her thesis & know o & wife are playing while “USA is burning”.
    for the 1st time, I am not proud of our political class !

  10. CONGRESS had better tread lightly.

    The People are really getting mad.

    Congress is the culprit and not the people. Congress and other legislators are trying to “Overthrow the Sovereign Government of America.” That is “We the People” however, the Constitution will not allow that to happen, only Corrupt Judges can make it harder for the people to remain the government, and than I would not want to be that kind of judge.

  11. Moe in Oregon says:

    This is what we get when we vote style over substance. We have too many apathetic voters, who don’t give a darn about what is being said, but how it is said. God help us. He is the only one who can.

  12. WT in Okla says:

    Brings to mind the Meggiddo Report: the Clinton-Reno preparation for Y2K. Some things will never change– much. At least, not so fast that anybody would notice.

  13. YOU Are A “Terrorist”…

    According to a new report just released in Missouri for law enforcement. If you voted for Ron Paul; if you have bumper stickers on your car for him, or for ANY “right-wing” idea, you can be subjectively “declared” a terrorist……

  14. stan shannon says:

    Nikita Kruschev predicted the gradual acceptance of “liberal” thought and actions long ago. There is no one to stop the escalation of acts outside the guarantees of our constitutions. What will be required of the remaining real Americans to stop this? Think about it and be prepared!!!!

  15. Arry says:

    You are so awesome for helping me solve this myserty.

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