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The media has falsely reported that Congress bought itself three new corporate jets at a price of $200 million to jet-set across the globe, without even a shred of transparency as to who requested this earmarked spending.

It’s not true. One of those jets was requested by the military. Congress really only bought two new corporate jets at a price of only $132 million.

Yes, after enviously berating auto company CEOs last year for daring to use jets their companies had already purchased, our legislators have the unmitigated gall to one-up them by buying new jets to jet-set about in.

You might ask which politicians are responsible for this gross excess. The leaders of Congress, the Speaker and Majority and Minority Leaders, are most likely to use these aircraft. But who actually made the request is being kept from We the People.

Because this spending gets called a “program increase” rather than an “earmark,” this insertion into the Defense budget can remain secret.

Steve Ellis, with Taxpayers for Common Sense, laments that “The more you push for transparency, the more of this stuff goes underneath the carpet.” He called the Appropriations Committee “the judge, jury and executioner over what is an earmark and what isn’t and how much information we get.”

So much for transparency. The only thing transparent in Washington is the arrogance and greed of our so-called leaders.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Richard Sava says:

    Hi Paul, love your stuff.
    Wondering where you get you facts/info from. I have read several sources that say the original amount was $550 million, this being the latest:

    Keep up the good work!
    R Sava

  2. Rubicon says:

    Gosh, so rather than spend $550 million for up to eight aircraft, which the people have objected to, we will only buy the 3 aircraft for $200 million that the Defense Dept originally requested.
    Now, the “reason” Defense asked for the aircraft was to replace a fleet of jets getting old, that Defense uses to…. transport members of…… CONGRESS!
    Anyway, at least we got them to limit their excessive spending by $350 million.
    I mean, at least we ‘think’ we got them to limit their spending. Based on the absolute lack of actual transparency from what we were told would be the most transparent administration ever, the truth is we can’t be sure what they are buying under the table!

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