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Could California’s budget crisis be solved by a triumvirate of Internet services, Craigslist, eBay and Twitter?

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is raiding the state’s storage sheds to sell off unneeded items on eBay and Craigslist. His signature on a California fleet car adds, it is estimated, $400 to its auction value.

He got the latter idea from one of his million Twitter followers.

Wow. I have nowhere near a million Twitter followers. I’m told that I should envy the governor’s Twitter cred, but . . . I’m not the jealous type; I won’t seek any “Tweet” revenge. Still, I’d be happy if all my listeners joined, and I got some usable ideas for raising money.

Unfortunately, neither I nor my sponsor, Citizens in Charge Foundation, have a vast resource of unneeded inventory to sell off. Nor do I have the cachet of the actor-turned-governor: My signature won’t add much value to a Ford Focus.

Yep. Someone paid $1,625.01 for a state-owned Focus with over 110,000 miles on the odometer. The governor signed the visor.

That’s better than a car once owned by Jon Voight!

The only new thing here, really, is using Craigslist and eBay. This isn’t a singularity in the progress of civilization. From this no miracles follow. But it is a healthy sign of thinking slightly outside the proverbial box.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Marty says:

    Paul, do you think the Gov would sell me a tin cup, with the State Seal, that I can use to sell pencils, with the state seal, on freeway off-ramps ?

    This would be my humble contribution to the state deficit ?

    Whatta a state !!

  2. All states should sell off their unneeded inventory to the highest bidders. Also California should adopt a fair tax on property, and the wealthy pay their fair shares. There is the problem of too many illegal immigrants that drain every coffers for everything for free instead of mandatory USA Citizenship within six months of coming here or mandatory deportation and if they come back it’s mandatory 2 years in prison – then deportation and the penalty doubles if they come back again.

  3. I read where a doctor attended four patients and three spoke no English and had no medical insurance- he’s not allowed to refuse them – they all needed operations so he ate three of the operation and received payment from one of three. Kidney Dialysis costs $18,000.00, but as many as five thousand get them free in the USA and the payments passed on to the tax payers , plus Pell College Fees – and their entire livelihoods and their parents and grand parents all on Social Security for free. I paid into Social Security for 36 quarter and I’m short 4 quarters and can’t collect, but aren’t our political representatives like Mc Cain/ Reid / Pelosi generous giving 35,000 plus illegal immigrant life long Social Security and all the benefits for free- guess who pays for that …taxpayers – not politicians…..

  4. I have tried to get government people at the states levels to let me work with farmers to remove red ink from state budgets , but all has fallen on deaf ears – they just raise the tobacco taxe or gasoline taxes instead of accept my ideas – to help the Dairy Farmers help themselves foever….. so the hell with them……. They can keep doing what they are doing and no getting any better at balancing budgets and wiping the red away.. and the people in their departments don’t even know how to do what I can do and have already done, and can do again… so suffer M. Jodi Rell…..

  5. I wanted to thank you for posting such a informative and educating article. Keep up the great work and efforts.

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