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We don’t have time to research everything. That’s why, in theory, citizens have political representatives. They are supposed to research the issues for us, learn from past mistakes, and make improvements. Better laws. Better programs.

Welcome to reality. Instead of doing their job, politicians tempt us over and over with the same old, disproven get-rich-quick, get-healthy-quick schemes.

Peter Suderman, writing in the Wall Street Journal, looked at “The Lessons of State Health-Care Reforms.” He did what our federal politicians should have. “Like participants in a national science fair,” Suderman writes, “state governments have tested variants on most of the major components of the health-care reform plans currently being considered in Congress. The results…?” Suderman puts it bluntly: “[D]ramatically increased premiums in the individual market, spiraling public health-care costs, and reduced access to care.… The reforms have failed.”

He discusses Maine’s public plan, “Dirigo Choice,” which I’ve talked about before. He traces the cause of Massachusetts’s individual mandate to its horrible effects: higher prices pushing businesses and individuals to bankruptcy. Tennessee’s 1990 reforms proved even more destructive.

One of the reasons we’re even talking about reform, now, is because of past reform failures. By our careless representatives.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor

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  1. Horace S. Solliday says:

    Dear Paul, 10-13-09, If state governments have investicated the health bill why didn’t you name which states and who was in charge? Just saying “state governments” to my senators and representives will have no clout at all!!! I’m not sure refering them to the Wall Street Journal article will be much better, because they won’t bother to check it out. Why not same them the time trouble?
    Horace S. Solliday, Tustin, CA

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