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It’s amazing how often my online critics assume that I am a Republican. Hey, I’m not a member of either major party.

Still, I reserve the right to hold Republican feet to the fire — using their own principles. Democrats, likewise. I have to: Politicians in both parties control too much of our lives and ignore too many of their principles.

I was driving the other day and caught businesses putting up their Halloween-themed promotions. I almost drove off the road: Halloween is almost here?

Of course, the holiday is several weeks away, but as I wrapped my mind around the idea of a “Halloween Season,” it hit me: So it is with politics.

Christmas is a notoriously imperialistic holiday. The season keeps starting earlier and earlier — gobbling up more of the calendar.

The Democratic Party is like Christmas. It has its Santa figures and its lore about sleighs full of goodies and a lot of activity in chimneys, being swept clean, etc.

The Republican Party is like Halloween: A bit scary sometimes — sometimes too eager to throw out the Bill of Rights . . . and its own Santa-ish treat giveaways.

But the chief function of Halloween is to put an early, pre-Thanksgiving stop to the imperialist creep of the big-spending Christmas Season.

And maybe the real meaning of a Democrat Christmas is to stop the foolery of the Republican’s Halloween.

As an independent, of course my favorite holiday is Independence Day.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. “Politicians in both parties control too much of our lives and ignore too many of their principles.”

    In my state, Illinois, politicians like Republican Senator Matt Murphy, Chris Lauzen, and Dan Rutherford spend the majority of their time trying to prove how “anti-tax” they are. Meanwhile they all voted for HB0664 (95th G.A.), that raised my property taxes 45% last year. And did any of these guys show up at the National Taxpayers Union Convention in Arlington, VA? Nope. But you came Mr. Jacob. And you’ve done more for taxpayers everywhere than many of our Republican politicians combined.

  2. glenn sessums says:

    I feel a little guilty wasting ur time as u did mine. Illlook for better another day

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