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After years of abetting Chinese censorship, Google may finally take a stand. The world leader in Internet search may no longer be willing to help impose the Red regime’s repressive measures. The last straw? A cyber attack on Google that originated in China and targeted email accounts of Chinese dissidents. Other companies were also attacked.

In recent decades, China has loosened controls on its economy. But it is loath to permit any significant scraps of civil liberty as well, like the right to speak out freely in criticism of the government.

China lets the Internet function within its borders. But it also erects firewalls, filters and other restrictions to block or limit access to various corners of cyberspace. For years, Google has cravenly played along, preventing phrases like “Tiananmen Square massacre” from being searched on the Chinese version of its search engine.

Google officers have long squirmed over their hypocritical willingness to “do evil.” Now a Google lawyer says the company is “no longer willing to continue censoring our results. . . .” They’re taking a few weeks to mull their next move. But they say they’ll leave China altogether if its government won’t agree to let Google’s search engine function freely.

China’s rulers won’t agree; so I hope Google does what it says it will do. Some things one should just not collaborate with. Tyranny is at the top of the list.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. voxoreason says:

    I use Google and Wikipedia almost daily, if not several times a day.

    If readers are fans of the free market system (which is on vacation for now…well, trapped in a locked room in the White House), Google on Ludwig von Mises, for example, a giant of economic thought. The owner of Wiki has a notice at the top of the page encouraging readers to actually read this page. Ayn Rand has such a notation at the top of HER page as well.

    I really respect this.

    I would really respect Google’s “benevolent” owners if they will simply stick to their founding principles, just as America should do.

    BTW, Boston’s weather tomorrow is supposed to be snowy/rain with a temp spread of 37º-27º. Note that “some” “news” sites are citing Obama’s approval polls as though relevant. It’s the Health Care Bill’s popularity that counts… and lags O’s approval ratings.

  2. Kylia says:

    You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful atrilces.

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