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It’s magic. Not only does the recently passed health care reform cover more people, it cuts deficits too.

Ha! You know it, I know, we all know it: Major government entitlement programs always end up costing far, far more than their original advocates claim.

Or should we just trust trust the reform’s advocates no matter what past experience and rational accounting say?

Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn turned to MSNBC to explain all about how Obamacare would slash the deficit. “We’re extending the life of Medicare by nine years, and if you’re taking the waste, fraud and abuse out of this, the savings that you get there will come as things grow. Savings will grow.”

Ah, waste! Fraud! Abuse! Politicians love such talk, at least until the waste and fraud gets renamed “stimulus spending.”

Then Clyburn said: “You look at the community health centers. Savings will grow more in out years than in the first few years. So I believe — well, that’s my assessment, and that’s the way I’m explaining it to members. I hope I’m right.”

So there is hope.

Also, 32 million people will be coming into insurance plans and out of emergency rooms. (Unless there’s an emergency.) Also, Clyburn’s wife had bypass surgery and the bill included $15 for an aspirin. What we must understand is that the new command-and-control regime will “build savings into the system.”

Could what this third-ranking House Democrat really be trying to say is that he has no idea what he’s talking about?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Lyle R.Rolfe says:

    No one has mentioned what it will cost in wages, benefits and other expenses for the increased govt waste for 16,500 Gestapo IRS agaents to spy on us or the 150 other bureaus and departments that will be formed–all of which are more places for nepotism jobs and brother radicals of the president to settle into. I know we may have lost a battle, but not the war. All those YES voters for health and all that it included, will recive NO votes in the 2010 and 2012 elections when we’ll get our revenge. And I hope all Tea Partiers and other campaigners will act like ladies and gentlemen at all gatherings. Let’s not give the liberals and main stream media things to criticize us for because this is what they are looking for.

  2. Drik says:

    Rainbow stew.

    For socialism to work, it requires for everyone to contribute, and the nature of something as complex as the economy of the country, requires motivated functioning independent people reacting instantly to changes.
    Once the progressives have managed to Cloward-Piven collapse the existing system to set up their utopia, they will try to impose a centrally-controlled authority to then run their planned equal society. Ann Rand had a good solution, except we the capable and the productive do not need to find a hidden valley to be productive in. We can hide in plain sight, just like they did in the USSR. Just like they did in every failed socialist society. There is a reason that these things don’t work. The high functioning, productive people throttle back in the official job. They then run their barter, black market exchange on the side and do REALLY well. But the ridiculous government can’t do anything about it. It can’t come in and punish folks for not performing at the full level of their ability. Not and not cause an overwhelming revolt among the moochers and slackards. The silly attempts at government by fiat and socialism causes things to get weaker and weaker until it collapses on itself. Even if all our efforts are in vain, and we can’t stop the dependent state, history will repeat and it will die of rot.

    Go along to get along and even add to the off balance efforts of control and the newly birthed utopian system wlll oscillate further and further out of control.

    Our charge in the interim is to not forget our history and what it means to be an American, so that we can get things running again when the opportunity arises.

  3. Joel says:

    Of course the Congressman DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. If he did, he would be a productive member of society, not a leech on the public payroll-in a sincure job, as long as he keeps bringing home the bacon to the locals. How many members of Congress EVER READ THE BULL–I MEAN BILL?

    By the ay, if it is ” SO GOOD”, why WERE MEMBERS OF CONGRSS, THEIR FAMILIES AND THE OBAMA FAMILY LEFT OUT? THAT, in my view, would be a good question

  4. voxoreason says:

    Clyburn: “…and if you’re taking the waste, fraud and abuse out of this, the savings that you get there will come as things grow.”

    Hmm…”if” instead of “when.” Even AFTER this monstrosity of a bill is passed? The only thing assured to grow is our deficit, which Clyburn would know if he weren’t a partisan shill.

    I’ve been hearing this nonsense for a long while now, but I still don’t understand what’s keeping the gov’t from removing the “fraud and abuse” (presumably illegal) without passing some law that will “incentivize” them them to do so.

    We need conservatives with traditional American values, NOT socialist “progressives.” The GOP is largely a bunch of RINOs. eg, Bob Bennett (Utah) is a conservative when campaigning, but then becomes a mainstream progressive in DC. This is a guy I expect to be out in November, assuming he wins his primary, which is not a given.

    Ya say, But I haven’t GOT a conservative to VOTE for!

    Well, support a candidate from out of state (DeMint, Thune, Burr, a few more) or simply donate to DeMint’s Conservative Fund. The GOP can’t stand conservatives (it’s that “spine envy” thing), especially DeMint, who is taking money away from that idiot Michael Steele at RNC and giving it to, say, Marco Rubio down in Florida.

    The Rubio-Crist race is positively entertaining. Crist is SUCH a total dip-shiet that a web site portraying Rubio as a Nazi was scrutinized (right click on any web page and select “View Source,” which will reveal the HTML programming for the page, eg, the URL where an image is “anchored”) and a graphic was traced back to Crist’s number one henchman, whose name was IN the URL! What a maroon!

    Rubio started out with a 30-40 point deficit, but has blown past Crist and reversed the numbers.

    Look for Crist to be a malignant wuss about it and run as an independent “spoiler.” Rubio will still win: he’s an American-born son of Cuban parents. If you wanted to find a bunch of Cubans, where would YOU go? Florida, perhaps? Old folks, too! These grays are smart enough to realize that they’re meat in a butcher shop.

  5. Joel says:

    To Voxoreason

    RE: Crist- I live in Florida. You are right about the description of Christ. He pushed to spend about $1 BILLION of tax payers money to move the baseball stadium (about) 1/2 mile, so it would be on the water. This is a white elephant (in my view) rthat was to ‘revitalize” the area ( low income area) but has done nothing. His other programs, initiatives, etc. are -at best- mostly sueless.

    I cannot wait until he is out of office.

  6. David J Kyle says:

    Does the Last ranked member of congress have any more of a clue, or am I right in assuming that they are all brain dead and clueless!

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