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What do you do when your town’s politics has been bitter and internecine for years, when your police force is best known for hiring disgraced cops from other departments, and when your town budget is nearly half a million bucks in the red?

Give up.

Well, not quite. The town of Maywood, not far south of downtown Los Angeles, was in just such a pickle, and resorted to a rather extreme solution: The elected officials, town manager, and city attorney kept their positions, but everybody else was let go.

The move was forced by the fact that no insurance company would guarantee the burg. The town had grown so iffy on all counts that it would have been crazy to bet on it. Thus placed in legal jeopardy, the town’s leaders decided that the only way to keep their jobs was to get rid of all others.

No. Wait. That’s too cynical. With a civic culture so corrupt something had to be done to move forward.

That makes Maywood’s next step almost sheer genius: Contract police, fire, everything else to neighboring, better-run jurisdictions. The county Sheriff takes over police patrols. Bell, a neighbor city, takes over the bulk of municipal services.

The new arrangement begins July 1. This makes Maywood one city to watch. Could it be a bellwether? In collapsing California, very likely.

And what about other cities in other states? It might mean a revolution: Economic competition for public services.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Drik says:

    Bellwether or gathering storm?

    This is the same thing we are doing on a national level with all of the money and eventually all of the management responsibility going to either George Soros or China.

  2. bobdohr says:

    it’s not quite that simple. The remaining officials earn approx $8,000 monthly in salary AND BENEFITS! This is now being investigated by Los Angeles District Attorney. (I guess this would be a service they DIDN’T contract for!?)

  3. ForFreedom says:

    Did Maywood consider contracting the services to private firms or even ask for bids?

    Contracting out to other governmental organizations can only go so far. Far better to have firms compete for the services, including private firms. Sometimes the city/country government employees find that if they’ll lose their jobs, they can setup a private firm and do the work for less.

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