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“Ninety percent of life is just showing up.”

Well, Woody, tell that to Democratic state senators in Wisconsin. Or, should I say, in Rockford, Illinois . . . hiding from the Wisconsin police.

They’re not wanted for any crime. Wisconsin state troopers would simply take them into custody and deliver them to their worksite: the state capitol in Madison.

Unemployment soars, and folks with cushy jobs go underground. I hate to be so boringly practical, but people should show up for work or let their employer(s) know that they are resigning. Not showing up is irresponsible. (Of course, these are politicians.)

And the whole biz is about responsibility. Wisconsin Democrats don’t want to vote on Republican Governor Scott Walker’s proposals to make government employees contribute 5.8 percent of their pay toward their lucrative pensions and 12.6 percent toward their medical insurance premiums, and to end collective bargaining for benefits and work rules, while keeping it for pay.

These are legitimate issues for the legislature. Democracy is about voting on them — even when you won’t win. But by lurking next door in the Land of Lincoln, Democrats can deny the quorum necessary for the legislature to do business.

Citizens have one immediate recourse: Recall.

Under Wisconsin law, no elected official can be recalled in their first year in office. But eight of the 14 shirking senators could be recalled right now. Were a mere two of them recalled, Republican senators would alone constitute a quorum.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  1. Gramma4Life says:

    I, too, agree that the Wisconsin Democrat senators who have skipped into the state of Illinois should be ousted, or at the least receive no pay for the days that they have not been on the job.
    How about getting back the job for the mother who had to stay home from work with her 3 children because the “dedicated teachers” called in “sick.”

  2. Drik says:

    AFL-CIO represents 4% of the people of this country. Presbo has been meeting with the president of the union, Mr. Trunka, several times a week. In the meantime, acccording to MSNBC, there are at least half a dozen of Presbo’s own cabinet that have had zero one-on-one time, no phone calls, no individaul conferences, no nothing, in the preceding 2 years. Presumptively, the cabinet would be more interested in representing the other 96% of the country.

    That’s spreading the wealth around in a way that’s NOT good for everybody.

  3. Luella Jantz says:

    Years ago when I was working for the DOP of washington state, an encounter was experienced when we were to strike. I called to question the Union & was given ludicrous info. It was their antics at that time and since, & I am against the unions as they are in our country. Their type of hold must be stopped. This is STUPID!!

  4. Linda says:

    Commies cowardly pieces of unmentionable trash they ought to be elimenated for the treason I am quiting my union because of this crap, they never did anything for me anyway just blood suckers taking out money from my paycheck

  5. S Rubicon says:

    In the final analysis, the “REAL” issue in Wisconsin and what will be in many other (all?) states is, collective bargaining.
    The power to demand your employee submit to your demands. For public service employees, this power is unwarranted. They have the polling booth. They also have the Civil Service system to protect them, their work rules, their workers rights, etc. So at this time they have the protections of Civil Services & the collective bargaining of their unions.
    Unions force employees to pay dues, like it or not. Belong to the union, like it or not. The money they take from public service employees paychecks, goes to politicians who support efforts of the union. That means Democrats who will sacrifice the public to gain union backing in elections.
    The public pays taxes so unions can take dues, so unions can force through legislation they approve of, even if the public does not.
    Why does 20% of the public (union members managed by their leadership), get to use hundreds of millions of forcibly taken dues to impose their will on others?
    Why is it where there are no collective bargaining rights, employees are treated just as respectfully as these folks are. Except, there is no union leadership to forcibly collect dues from members & use those monies to coerce politicians to vote on issues that benefit primarily unions? What if a union member is a conservative & does not want their dues collected to support some bleeding heart liberal plans to make America a socialist nation?
    Why is it the constitution applies to liberals, when it suits them. Otherwise, it is to be a living – breathing document & interpreted by judges according to liberal feelings at the time?

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