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At long last, it’s over.

Citizens have won. Our rights to initiative and referendum are now immutably safe and secure, forevermore, from disingenuous assault by the powers that be.

All power-lusting, citizen-mocking career politicians everywhere have in unanimous concord acceded to the democratic virtue of the citizen initiative process. The binding promissory compacts have been signed, wax-sealed, stamped, and bar-coded by all pertinent parties.

As of today, this first day of April, 2011, every obstructionist politico throughout the land has agreed in solemn ecumenical council to desist said class’s hitherto drearily unrelenting efforts to hamstring, handcuff, harry and harass anyone who’d dare try posting ballot questions on important political issues. (We’ve got the proof on video!)

Yep. No more will politicians multiply the arbitrary requirements to foil their attempts to opacify government transparency, as they tried in Utah.

No more will politicians force every petition circulator to wear privacy-violating ID badges, as they were eager to do in Nebraska.

No more will politicians clog the initiative process with fictitious accusations of wrongdoing, their M.O. in Colorado.

No more will . . .

Ha ha, GOTCHA!!!!!!! April Fools’! No, the inveterate foes of citizen initiative rights will, alas, never truly accept such a potent check on their customary excesses and delinquencies. To maintain and expand our citizen initiative rights, we’ll just have to continue our vigilance and keep the pressure on.

You can help by supporting the work of the Citizens in Charge Foundation. Seriously.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

P.S. “Seriously,” above, is our awfully cute and funny way to say, “Please send money.” But defending the democratic check citizens have on government through the initiative process is serious. At Citizens in Charge, we do our best to marshal the donations we receive to defend the rights we all deserve. Thank you for your support, and for your partnership in the big job of setting America right, community by community, state by state. Onward!

P.P.S. Did you watch the video?

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  1. Pat says:

    Good one!
    As I read it, I just kept wondering where you were, because nothing you said was true about NJ!

    Happy April Fools Day!

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