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Who doesn’t agree with President Obama? “We simply cannot continue to spend as if deficits don’t have consequences,” he said when introducing his budget in February.

But who believes he’s serious? He went on to say that we must not treat “the hard-earned tax money of the American people . . . like Monopoly money.” Yet, by spending at hyper-deficit levels and offering no reasonable plan to balance the budget, he demonstrates a preference to play Monopoly™, not Responsibility®.

Now, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan has a plan. He spelled it out Tuesday, giving it a hopeful moniker, “The Path to Prosperity.”

“Prosperity’s Around the Corner” was already taken in the noösphere.

The most salient feature of the plan, though, is that it designed to take its own sweet time. The budget wouldn’t balance next year. Or the year after. Or even in five, like Sen. Rand Paul’s much better plan.

Besides, today’s Congress can’t control itself must less control future Congresses. That’s the trouble with all these procrastinating plans.

Remember, even Rand Paul thinks his plan takes too long and doesn’t go far enough.

Of course, Obama dislikes Ryan’s plan. The new White House press secretary offers, “The President believes there is a more balanced way to put America on a path to prosperity.”

But he won’t share it with us. Obama and congressional Democrats are playing the oldest game in the book: All talk but no responsibility.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

By: Redactor


  1. Drik says:

    Who sez that the liberal/socialist progresives don’t have a plan?
    They have lots of plans.

    The smoke and mirrors plan.
    The rainbow stew plan.
    The collapse the system and then start over with Obamabucks plan.
    The spend till your eyes bleed plan.
    The “and then something magical happens” plan.

    Ya’ll ‘re just haterz.

  2. EDGAR says:


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  4. Pat says:

    Obama and congressional Democrats are playing the oldest game in the book: All talk but no responsibility.

    And it works every time. Those “mean” Republicans will pay for their stinginess. Wait and see. The American people say they want cuts – until someone takes them at their word.

  5. Drik says:

    Forgot to include the pick it till it bleeds plan.

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